Translation of daddy longlegs in Spanish:

daddy longlegs

segador, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdadi ˈlɒŋlɛɡz/

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nounplural daddy longlegs

  • 1US

    segador masculine
    falangio masculine
    • It belongs to an ancient version of the daddy-long-legs, which is also called ‘the harvestmen ‘apparently.’
    • Seal and caulk around vents, pipes, and windows where daddy-long-legs and insects can creep inside.
  • 2British

    típula feminine
    tata Dios masculine River Plate informal
    • A few fish have been taken on the dap, with crickets/grasshoppers doing the business, and the daddy-long-legs should be making an appearance soon.
    • Opening with a warp-speed ‘Loaded’ the greatest frontman in the north-west's all over the monitors like a human daddy-long-legs.