Translation of dado in Spanish:


friso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdeɪdoʊ/ /ˈdeɪdəʊ/

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nounplural dadoes, plural dados

  • 1

    (of wall) friso masculine
    (of pedestal) dado masculine
    • Wallcovering which covers the lower part of the wall, or dado, and ending at the chair rail height.
    • This technique is best used on doors, paneling, dados, baseboards and also as a subtle wall finish.
    • The room had dark wood panelling, cream paint above the dado, a muted silver ceiling, and comfortably padded brown leather chairs.
    • In this period wallpapers were conceived as an ensemble of three parts: the paper used on the dado, the paper from the dado to ceiling border (known as fill), and the border, or frieze.
    • The ceiling was enormously high with elaborate plasterwork round the remains of a nonexistent chandelier and an opulent floral dado.
    • We are therefore reminded of a pedestal of which the base, dado and cornice were alike, wholly clad in bronze.

transitive verb dadoes, dadoing, dadoed

  • 1

    (wall/surface) ponerle un friso a