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daiquiri, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdækəri/ /ˈdʌɪkɪri/ /ˈdakɪri/

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    daiquiri masculino
    • No matter what time of year you go to Cuba there will be music and wonderful cocktails - Cuba Libres, daiquiris and mojitos - based on the island's native rum.
    • The bar will offer specialty drinks including margaritas, frozen daiquiris, rum punch, as well as a limited food and snack menu.
    • The classics - daiquiris, Martinis and mojitos - are still the grand masters.
    • He also came to appreciate its cocktails - his favourites were daiquiris and mojitos - and the gregarious nature of its people.
    • Those of appropriate age ordered a variety of alcoholic drinks such as daiquiris and margaritas, and the rest of us, underage, settled on virgin margaritas or sodas.
    • In the evening there's a whole host of alcoholic beverages to sample, from sangria to daiquiris.
    • There are three bars to sidle up to and pro circuit barmen who'll build you any cocktail fantasy from the daiquiri to the iced tea.
    • Steeped in local history, this slightly sweet liquor, made from sugarcane or molasses (a by-product of sugar refining), gives daiquiris and pina coladas their kick.
    • Their drink menu also features two frozen Bellinis (peach and strawberry) along with those classic favorites: daiquiris and frozen margaritas.
    • Bar staff specialise in daiquiris and martinis and if you listen carefully you can hear the lions roar in the Jo'burg zoo below.
    • We have been offered cigars and rum and although it is impossible to not drink several daiquiris in the evening I couldn't drink rum during the day.
    • We tried daiquiris at El Floridita where they were invented, and mojitos (made of rum, lemon juice, sugar, water and mint) sitting at the Cafe de Paris.
    • Ariel has beer, I have soda, and I got a daiquiri for you.
    • Sure, passengers are still able to partake in strawberry daiquiris and decadent desserts, but a cruise ship actually provides many ways to stay healthy, on-board massages being one example.
    • The fruity daiquiris certainly go down a treat, and if you want a little more adventure, try a sour cocktail.
    • Your mom and I had a few daiquiris after the discussion.
    • She plans parties, shops and has daiquiris with her girlfriends.
    • It's a beautiful place, with lots of sun, sand, daiquiris, and exotic delights for those who can pay in dollars.
    • Hunter ordered two daiquiris and two banana splits.
    • You are free to be bored, to lounge away the afternoon drinking daiquiris by the pool.