Translation of daisy in Spanish:


margarita de los prados, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdeɪzi/

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nounplural daisies

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    margarita de los prados feminine
    maya feminine
    • Yellow tulips and white daisies filled that patch, and different kinds of flowers surrounded the rest of the house.
    • I gave a gasp as Justin came over with a bouquet of yellow and white daisies and a huge smile on his face.
    • These two plants flower at the same time to give a display of tiny white and large yellow daisies for weeks at the end of the summer.
    • There were blue flower boxes beneath each window with lovely little daisies and these pretty yellow flowers that I'd never seen before.
    • Yellow and orange calendulas bloom through winter, as will pink and white English daisies and sweet-scented stock.
    • She stopped to buy some daisies from the one and only flower vendor, simple white daisies.
    • A wooden sign with the words ‘Ashecroft Bed and Breakfast’ stood in the midst of a mix of white daisies and purple coneflowers.
    • He was leading me down a path lined with white daisies and freshly-bloomed hawthorn trees.
    • They carried flowers - daisies, petunias and roses to leave during the ceremony.
    • She carried a bouquet of light yellow roses, large daisies, chrysanthemums and blue campanulas.
    • After the minute's silence, passengers moved to inspect the books of condolence which were placed on a table decorated with a floral arrangement of white roses, daisies and lilies.
    • Bright yellow sage and broom light up the countryside with dustings of white daisies and blue anemones.
    • There are fields of maize and little plots of white daisies.
    • Big cabbage roses might bloom among white daisies, with a sprinkling of poppies in front.
    • It was a white daisy with its petals going in a few different ways; some were folding upward, while others were folded to the other side.
    • It must have been full summer, for it was warm enough not to need a coat, and the lawns were thick with white daisies, all impossibly open in the moonlight.
    • Daffodils, wild hyacinths and tulips, snowdrops, bluebells, daisies and buttercups littered the earth.
    • Her feet were buried in a lush carpet of grass, with daisies and other flowers sprinkled over it like raindrops.
    • It was one of those warm, humid days best spent at home watching the flowers grow and counting daisies in the grass.
    • Bryce was holding single flower in his hand - a fresh, white daisy.
    • The parks department created displays of autumn flowers, including chrysanthemums, Michaelmas daisies, and geraniums.
    • This side is more like a meadow, dominated by longer grasses and a host of ox-eye daisies.
    • This Shasta daisy, with its double blooms, is truly unique and fun with its fluffy look.
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    margarita feminine