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devaneo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdæliəns/ /ˈdalɪəns/

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    devaneo masculino literario
    escarceos masculino
    coqueteo masculino
    • Most of the film flips back and forth between Vera and Fred and their respective sexual and financial dalliances.
    • As long as you respect your partner, occasional dalliances are not a big deal.
    • Can Dr Ken save the day, or will his occasional sexual dalliance become the next victim of The Psycho Lover?
    • If you love someone and they love you, why do something as silly as a one-time sexual dalliance if it would ruin a good thing?
    • Affairs of the heart are not encouraged, although sexual dalliances can be handled with deft precision by those intimately, although not actually, involved.
    • The biggest no-no remains the illicit affair: 93 percent of Americans find romantic dalliances between married men and women morally unacceptable.
    • The idea of unattached romantic dalliances within lush tropical settings is theoretically pleasant, yet unfulfilling as is the notion of a marriage without jealously or commitment.
    • For short-term sexual dalliances, women focus more on physical characteristics and personality traits such as a sense of humor.
    • No one likes it when a prime minister is put to the sword over untested claims of a sexual dalliance 43 years ago.
    • When your sexual dalliances have been shouted across the world, guys are probably just saying, ‘Hey, I can date a famous woman and probably get some too.’
    • Who would have thought that the sexual dalliances of a 56-year-old football manager could generate more column inches than the infidelities of his star player?
    • Expect Braff's character, JD, to have further fraught romantic dalliances with Elliot.
    • We stayed pretty close (even had a couple more dalliances, but neither of us was laboring under any illusions that we could restart it, so it was okay).
    • We track Hemingway through his four marriages (and an occasional dalliance, such as the Italian girl Adriana who inspired some of his later work) and considerable globe-hopping.
    • Jessica is the kind of woman few heterosexual people want to know about - the woman who is basically straight but has had the occasional dalliance with another woman.
    • Not that there's anything much at stake in all of this, for he isn't a realist, and the same-sex dalliances he discloses are pure Hollywood fantasy.
    • I didn't say anything for a long time, because if I was questioning my sexuality, I could bet my friends would if I told them about my dalliances.
    • Over the next few days, the princess pointedly ignored Ramirez, choosing to spend time with Kamiko instead in romantic dalliance.
    • That answer focused on the personalities of the two extant sexual partners as being merely unstable, unsuitable for sexual dalliance.
    • ‘So much celebrity profiling takes the position that they were heterosexual with, maybe, some same-sex dalliance on the side,’ says Mann.