Traducción de dally en español:


perder el tiempo, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdæli/ /ˈdali/

verbo intransitivo dallies, dallying, dallied

  • 1

    (waste time)
    perder el tiempo
    to dally about entretenerse
    • Sligo players, anxious not to dally, sought to move the ball on with the minimum of fuss.
    • From the corner, the Colombian international seized on the ball unmarked at the far post but dallied enough to allow Edmondson a smart block.
    • It's a very small-scale event, so please don't dither, dally or delay.
    • Just wear enough if it's chilly and don't dally afterwards!
    • When I was 12, I dallied before basketball practice until it was late enough that I needed to ask my mother for a ride.
    • Instead he dallies and allows the impetus to drain away from the move with a pass all the way back to Gary Speed who has a forlorn pop from distance.
    • He dallies long enough to allow Djourou to block his initial shot, but a lucky rebound gives him another chance.
    • She'd promised the Dean that she would be at his office as soon as she got up, and she had already dallied enough as it was.
    • The modern generation knows about lounging in the Lakes and dallying in the Dales, but very little about our local footpaths.
    • I could imagine the sublime Rita Heywood or Julia Roberts both have been regular visitors to the island over the years dallying over a shore side breakfast.
    • The obvious reality that there is little or no time for dallying when in possession didn't register for some of the players until the game had warmed up.
    • L. was angry by then, convinced that A. was OK and that he was simply dallying around at his mother's house.
    • Simon will take his place in the back-row, while fly-half Jones can expect to feel the force of his club-mate should he dally on the ball for too long.
    • Not one to dally about, Sally quickly gathered up her cast and got them safely out of the building.
    • But if McLeish was the type of person to dally on instances of coincidence and place his faith in fate, he need only look at last term.
    • She won't have much time to dally on the Prom this week, though.
    • The list of things he has promised is a good list, but there is no time to dally, whether by land, sea or air.
    • There we would dally through the long night hours until the tinny clock sounded Reveille.
    • Catz dallied on the ball in the left-back slot and the alert Woodcock stole the ball, but he was stopped from finishing at the last gasp.
    • But by then Livingston should have killed the game when Fernandez dispossessed Murdock again in 67 and cut inside to Lilley who dallied before striking a tame shot wide.
  • 2

    to dally with sb/sth coquetear con algn/algo
    • My friend, both your wife and your housekeeper know that you no longer dally with her, and her loitering in your home is merely charity on your part.
    • By dallying with her at Alexandria, he risked losing what he had just won at Pharsalus.
    • As to his dallying with a 21-year-old, she noted, ‘Welcome sexual behavior is about as relevant to sexual harassment as borrowing a car is to stealing one.’
    • Mr. Lee is now dallying with younger women, and the middle-aged Ching is desperate to reverse her fading looks and retain her husband's interest in her.
    • In their cozy little arrangement, he gets the freedom to dally now and then, so long as he keeps to the couple?
    • Charles is in love with Maria; Joseph is courting the same girl for her fortune, while at the same time dallying with Lady Teazle.
    • As anyone who has been listening in over the past few weeks knows, naughty Miss Emma has recently dallied with her fiancé's brother.
    • Because you wisely choose not to dally with a guy who could be married for quite a while - for whatever reason - why don't you proceed with No.2 as if there were no No.1?
    • She was probably dallying with that stud Michael.
    • In the past NY women might have dallied with a man in uniform, but wouldn't have pursued one.
    • For a long time Gianni was known as a playboy, dallying with aristocrats and movie stars before finally sorting out his inheritance.
    • Others would say that, well, actually Diana was dallying, too.
    • John can dally with a host of other women but never find in them the revelation of heavenly glory that he beholds after the most awkward kiss with the scholarly Lucy.
    • In fact I understand that the plural should be employed - there were actually three of them - there was the one he was dallying with in the nightclub, plus the girlfriend, and the recent ex who discovered them.
    • Has he been ordered to stand up there in disgrace, as penance for dallying with Lady Hamilton and asking Hardy to kiss him?
    • They starved together, Minna helped his career, they separated, he dallied with other women, they tried again, they gave up.
    • You shouldn't have been dallying with your boyfriend over there!
    • Given that Mariella has been dallying with the Guy from the Bank who is twenty-two, I'm wondering whether we should start a national society for well-meaning would-be cradle snatchers.
    • I hit her, I couldn't help myself, I had been watching Fire all day, and she had been dallying with that scum.