Traducción de damage control en español:

damage control


(Britanico damage limitation)
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    damage control exercise acción para minimizar los daños
    • These are electorally damaging claims and are potentially harmful to responsible and democratic government: clearly, damage limitation was indicated.
    • But it wasn't quite right and it was all Ross could do to attempt some damage limitation and just get around safely and pick up a few points.
    • In a day of damage limitation, central banks around the world moved to calm markets by pumping an additional $80 bn into markets to ease a possible cash shortage.
    • Many a side would now have concentrated on damage limitation, but Steve Paterson has a more adventurous philosophy than that and his men continued to press forward.
    • Heroic defence is all about damage limitation.
    • They made the usual noises about ‘having nothing to lose’, but arrived thinking in terms of damage limitation.
    • In previous years I haven't managed to catch them early, and control has been impossible, with damage limitation the only hope.
    • This isn't about right or wrong, it's about damage limitation.
    • Although Scotland have had their moments, next Saturday's test will again surely be an exercise in damage limitation.
    • When quizzed by his colleagues about this uncharacteristic outburst, Mike embarked on damage limitation.
    • Still, day three was always going to be an exercise in damage limitation.
    • Stopping scandals before they happen is more effective than damage limitation after the event.
    • As a fuller story unfolds, his attempts at damage limitation sometimes seem like semantics.
    • I wonder if they will stand firm or whether they will attempt some damage limitation?
    • Most electional charts are an exercise in damage limitation.
    • So I would expect that she advised him that this damage limitation was the best course of action.
    • Behind every food scare, there is a barrage of claims and counter-claims, hyperbole and damage limitation.
    • It was a big day out for them, but that was all it ever promised to be when it rapidly become apparent that the plan was designed for damage limitation.
    • Despite the talent within their ranks, they had obviously come for a draw - an exercise in damage limitation.
    • Kilkenny were now at sixes and sevens and working towards damage limitation.