Translation of damnation in Spanish:


condenación, n.

Pronunciation /dæmˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ /damˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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    condenación feminine
    • Even the most extreme threat of eternal damnation in hell which Christianity preaches does not deter their believers from committing mortal sins.
    • A despicable villain tempts a sinner and lures him into sin, alienation, and damnation.
    • Concepts of fire and damnation have given way to more sanguine personal exhortations to love, service, and devotion.
    • Either you drink and party and face eternal damnation or else you're sober, sad and lonely.
    • Of these only one would be destined to enter heaven, and all the rest would be punished with damnation in hell.
    • The Faith is the way in which God saves souls from eternal damnation and to eternal happiness.
    • When his curse became too much of a burden he attempted suicide; a mortal sin that has condemned him to eternal damnation.
    • The prospect of eternal damnation provides a subconscious deterrent; religious taboos against violence conditions our minds.
    • Belief in eternal damnation of the sinful (and heavenly rewards for the virtuous) also encourages moral conformity.
    • If you can convince them though that by their actions they've risked eternal damnation, that's another matter.
    • Half the day he could be heard barking threats of punishment and eternal damnation.
    • It was sin, punishable by eternal damnation to hell.
    • One cannot espouse the teachings of Jesus on one hand, and then on the other, reject what what he taught concerning eternal damnation and hell.
    • I have always believed Alexander Graham Bell resides in a low corner of hell, serving eternal damnation for inventing the telephone.
    • Then the soul is sent either to heaven to enjoy the fruits of a decent life or condemned to eternal hell and damnation forever.
    • He was in hell, surely, eternal damnation and punishment and it would never ever end…
    • While discussions of parent's failure in their up-bringing can cause a family rift, the meetings are also awash with threats of eternal damnation and hell.
    • It teaches that there is no eternal hell or damnation and every soul has the capacity to realize the Truth.
    • Most other religions say that non-believers are condemned to eternal damnation.
    • He thinks non-Catholics, including his own wife, are bound for hell and damnation.


informal, dated
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    ¡caray! informal, euphemistic