Traducción de damp course en español:

damp course

membrana aislante, n.



(damp-proof course)
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    membrana aislante femenino
    • An insulated concrete floor was laid, with a damp course up the walls and dry-lining downstairs.
    • In recent years, Mr Parrett has become a leading expert in damp problems and says he has yet to encounter a true case of rising damp caused by the failure of an existing damp-proof course.
    • In older houses check the pointing, particularly in courses of bricks below the damp course.
    • The original flagstone floor was here, so I had the flags taken up and cleaned and I put a damp course underneath and regrouted them with a sandstone coloured grout to bring out the colours in the tiles.
    • Use damp-proof courses to drain off rainwater and surround the building with a porous surface such as gravel or cobblestones so that water can be re-absorbed into the ground.
    • The damp-proof course, once inserted, would on the expert evidence cure the damp.
    • When the front garden is flooded, the water reaches the brickwork of the walls of the house both below and above the level of the damp course.
    • On top of this, you will also need to lay a damp-proof course, which must be sealed to the wall with damp-proof course tape.
    • Plenderleith found that the house had no damp-proof course, is built on clay and ‘water commonly lies 2 feet below the ground surface’.