Translation of dander in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdændər/ /ˈdandə/


  • 1

    to get one's dander up perder los estribos
    • to get sb's dander up hacerle perder los estribos a algn
    • People like to be inflamed, get their dander up, and the problem is, it's too easy.
    • People got their dander up when their trash wasn't collected.
    • Finally, I got my dander up and accosted him in his office.
    • If you can't bring yourself to get steamed up about ID cards, surely that image gets your dander up, even a little.
    • They put something in the water here to get your dander up and make you feel violent.
    • Corporate conduct has to be particularly poor or offensive before our judges get their dander up, but that's what seems to have happened in this case against the CBA
    • But nothing gets my dander up more than blasted taxation.