Translation of dandy in Spanish:


dandi, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdændi/ /ˈdandi/

Definition of dandi in Spanish


  • 1

    dandi masculine
    dandy masculine

adjective dandier, dandiest

  • 1

    mono informal
    chulo Spain informal
    • In this matter, they just think they have hit on another dandy idea for a ‘do-good’ crusade and a few neat bylines.
    • If everything were fine and dandy we would not be racing this bill through the House.
    • That's when we came up with the dandy idea of having not one, not two, but THREE little weddings.
    • She took a piece of paper from the notebook from one of the shelves in the hallway and then found a handy dandy pen and began writing in a neat yet hurried script to her mother.
    • The key to hosting a dandy destination wedding is to pick out a location that will bring your guests with a beautiful background as well as a wealth of activities to keep them entertained for at least a few days.
    • But coat him in paint, butter, or used motor oil and have him recite the above poem while throwing fruit at his audience, and he'd make a dandy performance artist.
    • By way of contrast, Mojo Box represents a return to form: a lean, dandy album of greasy stomps, twangy guitars, and good songs.
    • We came across a number of dandy antiques; a collection accumulated from traveling to lots and lots of sales, says Phyllis Knupp.
    • I recall a dandy front-page photo of a community street preacher, in which I burned a halo floating above his head.
    • Despite such side effects, some record execs have decided that the copy protection scheme is a dandy way to prevent music piracy.
    • There are spots where plotting is achieved with a slightly heavy hand, but it's still a dandy play full of sparkling dialogue and is directed almost flawlessly here by MYC co-founder Chris Abraham.
    • The South Yorkshire actor may have a dandy stage name and had posters of Lulu and Marlene Dietrich on his walls in his art school days in Barnsley, but he comes from mining stock.
    • Diced it makes a dandy garnish for chilled soups.
    • Things really do seem to be rather dandy right now.
    • There are too many powerful men who truly believe that the Waltons offer dandy advice on life and morals.
    • On my ranch we grew grain, and dandy crops at that, but we had no market for it, so I went packing to make a use for it.
    • The director has trouble convincing playgoers that the trio has been separated from one another for as long as the script suggests but does a dandy job bringing subsequent scenes to a feverish pitch.
    • Air Force hit back to cross the CH line with a dandy try off a scrum close to the line..
    • While the USHGA's mag is a dandy publication, there are some aspects of it that don't lend to the way I work.
    • Curiosity took the better of me as I stepped the flight of stairs up into the dandy store.