Translation of danger in Spanish:


peligro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdeɪndʒər/ /ˈdeɪn(d)ʒə/

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  • 1

    peligro masculine
    to be in danger of -ing correr peligro / riesgo de + inf
    danger peligro
    • there's no danger of that no hay peligro de que eso suceda
    • there's no danger of him offering to pay no hay ningún peligro de que se ofrezca a pagar
    • her life was in danger su vida estaba en peligro / en riesgo
    • If freedom of choice is in danger for some ethnic groups, it is in danger for all.
    • But thankfully no-one was hurt, none of the other properties were in danger, and all is well.
    • We continually stressed that we were leaving so we would be safe and that we were not in danger.
    • They argued that the development put the health and safety of employees and road users in the area in danger.
    • Decent people should be able to conduct their business and go about their work without being in danger.
    • Even firemen during their recent industrial action answered the call where life was in danger.
    • Anyone seeing other birds in danger on the river can contact the charity.
    • Tips are given on how pupils can make sure they are safe in everyday situations, and what they should do if they think they are in danger.
    • It provides that the person concerned should not be returned to a country or area where they would be in danger.
    • Their training had placed not only them in danger, but also their workmates and the community.
    • Scientists feel that the species is in danger if the entire population is located at one place.
    • He said up to 30 jobs in total are in danger and it is critical that these workers are maintained.
    • Now that the weather is encouraging gardeners to get out and start cutting and digging, hedgehogs are in danger.
    • Thames Coastguard at Walton said swimmers had been getting out of their depth and putting their lives in danger.
    • Firefighters left picket lines during strikes last November to help fight fires in which lives were in danger.
    • How would you feel if your whole family was in danger?
    • Thieves are putting drivers' lives in danger by stealing roadside safety signs in a north west beauty spot.
    • Realising the toddler was in danger Valerie, who cannot swim, went into the pool and pulled her out of the water.
    • It wasn't the thrill of danger that appealed to her, because she didn't actually realise there would be any.
    • I had to warn my real family of the possible danger that they could be in so that they would be safe.
  • 2

    peligro masculine
    danger to sb/sth peligro para algn/algo
    the dangers of life at sea los peligros de la vida en el mar
    • The dangers of harm to civilians are much greater in the case of action against a state.
    • He warned children of the dangers of smoking, poor diet and a lack of exercise.
    • It was a good way to get the message out to people worldwide about the dangers of smoking.
    • More pubs are becoming smoke free as more people understand the dangers of smoking.
    • The government have the proof of the dangers of smoking, yet this is a legal drug.
    • One of the dangers in our western society is that we replace people with materialism.
    • We should be wary of dangers to our liberty and privacy with the excuse of security.
    • The accident once again highlights the dangers of swimming in unsuitable waters.
    • They were given suitable advice about the dangers of driving on Salisbury plain.
    • I want to do something that will alert other children to the dangers of household products.
    • His parents had divorced and there was no one to keep an eye on him and warn him of the dangers of drugs.
    • Becuase of the dangers involved, we thought it best to ask for volunteers to try out the great ski jump.
    • He said he was sure he was aware of the inherent dangers in motorcycle racing.
    • Youths have been warned by firefighters about the dangers of starting rubbish fires.
    • Then they will discover the dangers of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.
    • Exaggerating the wrong dangers can mean missing the ones that are really important.
    • Firefighters are warning homeowners about the dangers of leaving their gas oven on.
    • His employers never warned him about the dangers nor did they provide him with a suitable mask.
    • They recommended all hospital set up specific teams to deal with the dangers of blood clots.
    • The horrible reality of warfare and the inherent dangers it poses have been very much to the fore.