Translation of daredevil in Spanish:


temerario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛrˌdɛvəl/ /ˈdɛːdɛv(ə)l/

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    (feat/exploit) (before noun) temerario
    corajudo masculine informal
    corajuda feminine informal
    • The helicopter crews are not daredevils, indifferent to danger.
    • Before the train comes to a stop, the youthful daredevils jump down the moving train in reckless abandon in a stunt termed ‘istaff’.
    • Herzog states often that his movies are not crafted on the backs of daredevils or those with a reckless disregard for human safety.
    • The British Institute for Brain Injured Children is appealing for would-be daredevils to take up the challenge of abseiling 100 ft down the WHSmith building in Swindon.
    • Lured by the high winds, powerful currents, and the resulting massive swells, these daredevils routinely face conditions that would overwhelm most boardsailors.
    • THESE daredevils from the Great Western Hospital are preparing to plunge 100 ft down the side of an office block.
    • Meanwhile, daredevils had the chance to test their nerve on white-knuckle rides on Silcock's funfair.
    • Bobsleigh remains one of the blue-riband winter sports, a pursuit beloved by daredevils and requiring immense co-ordination between the driver at the front and the human ballast to the rear.
    • The jump was organised by one of the three major clubs that grant the wishes of daredevils in Bulgaria, the Sofia Bungee Club.
    • FORTY-FIVE daredevils will abseil down Leigh Parish Church this weekend to celebrate the end of two years of fund-raising - and to boost their own charity funds.
    • There were no major injuries yesterday as thousands of daredevils sprinted with the bulls through Pamplona in the first run of the annual San Fermin festival.
    • Crowds gasped as the team of seven leapt from a droning Hercules 3,000 feet above them, while youngsters rushed for autographs from the jumping daredevils.
    • Making my hair turn gray were scenes of daredevils leaping across yawning gorges, hanging by one hand and an axe over the abyss.
    • Flying with ex-Red Arrows is billed as the ultimate experience for aircraft enthusiasts and daredevils, rather than the faint-hearted.
    • Death - defying daredevils, The Happy Sideshow, are back in Brisbane at the Powerhouse Theatre this month.
    • The Inferno, the biggest amateur race in the world, will see 1,800 daredevils plunge down the 15.8km course.
    • One of the issues to be discussed will be the problem of daredevils leaping off Devil's Bridge and whether a sign should be put in place to advise against the practice.
    • Three daredevils took the plunge and abseiled down ‘Devils Gorge’ in Wales to raise money for charity.
    • Around 20 daredevils took the plunge and completed bungee jumps at The Messenger pub in Covingham Square.
    • East Lancashire Hospice is appealing for daredevils to take part in a sponsored parachute jump in aid of the charity.