Translation of daring in Spanish:


osado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛrɪŋ/ /ˈdɛːrɪŋ/

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    (explorer/pilot/acrobat) osado
    (explorer/pilot/acrobat) temerario
    (plan/exploit) audaz
    • With the lantern, she looked just like a character from one of those old black and white films, like the daring heroine bold enough to uncover ghastly secrets hidden deep within the woods.
    • Cheng is a bold and daring man, working at whatever it takes to give his boy a chance to succeed in life.
    • So who was this daring woman, who ranks alongside the likes of glamorous adventurers such as Isak Dinesen and Beryl Markham?
    • He had fallen for her rebellious daring personality the moment they met.
    • He wore his hair relatively short and spiked and though many men said that it made him look evil, his soldiers said it matched his daring personality.
    • But if you're a daring person, you'd probably do anything to get to the top of the highest mountain in the world.
    • He was physically strong and became a daring climber of tall eucalyptus trees and rocky cliffs.
    • I guess I was more daring in my youth than I am now.
    • Meanwhile in Stanhope, County Durham, emergency services performed the daring James Bond-style rescue of another driver after his car got stuck at a flooded ford.
    • In her interviews, Mira Nair has said that she was enamoured of this great classic from her schooldays, and especially its daring heroine, Becky Sharp.
    • A daring pilot, he set a handful of aviation world records, including one for a 1938 flight around the world in just over 91 hours.
    • According to the police, the man is a daring criminal with a very dangerous profile.
    • Jack and the Beanstalk opened last night with an outstanding cast of actors who helped bring to life the daring adventures of a boy and a monster plant in a hilarious adaptation of the classical children's tale.
    • Following to the recent bugging of the DP offices, our daring team of investigative reporters bugged the DP offices, to see what was on the infamous tapes.
    • Flashing propellers carved the skies as a variety of innovative aircraft and daring pilots, many of them female, quested for fame and money.
    • It was about a group of daring explorers who drove a tank-like vehicle called The Cyclotram all the way to that secret world at the center of the Earth.
    • A daring traveller made the newspaper headlines in 1880 after a record journey between New Plymouth and Wellington.
    • She is a daring director who is constantly pushing the limits.
    • We'll tell you about a daring raid with surprising results next.
    • If you thought Coolera Dramatic Society could only do pantomime, prepare to be surprised by this daring, but heart-warming tale.
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    (proposal/dress/film) atrevido
    • All the children, surprised by her daring question, looked at them curiously.
    • I was darnedly self-conscious in my daring clothes.
    • It's Hallowe'en this Friday, the perfect opportunity to cast off your tried and tested clothes and make-up and emerge in a more daring disguise.
    • The extreme shock aspects might cause you to roll your eyes, cry in outrage, or respect her daring style.
    • Reading how he was such an outgoing person, it is no surprise that he took the daring steps he deemed necessary and that he truly is a hero in every sense of the word.
    • The clothes are very feminine, sunny, and quite daring at times.


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    arrojo masculine
    coraje masculine
    • The photographs record the important images of the Rapa and capture the courage and daring of the local horsemen.
    • Their performance was one of courage and daring.
    • Yossi Beilin is a hero who deserves our gratitude for his courage and daring.
    • It demands if not moral or physical courage then at least boldness and daring.
    • I actually don't think there's much that's inherently immoral to illegal immigration - it may often show pluck and daring.
    • He is a very dear friend of ours, an Army Officer of bravery and daring combined with intelligence.
    • The rush of adventure and daring that I felt was unrivalled.
    • The coastline seemed impermeable, but finally, through bravery and daring, the explorer found his way in, and the treasure was revealed.
    • Are we denying ourselves future explorers and heroes by taking away their sense of adventure and daring?
    • Actions by Soviet troops in the Manchurian Operation were marked by boldness and daring.
    • She needed boldness and daring to overcome the obstacles which the time in which she lived placed in her path.
    • As each year passes common sense and self preservation consume the reckless daring that has overwhelmed my life so far.
    • As the editor of Independence, which was a task assigned to him, he proved his mettle as he was possessed of intellectual daring, a virile pen and sound political judgement.
    • The one major criticism that might be levelled against Ned Kelly is that it tries to squeeze too much into a briskly paced, conventional feature and consequently lacks a little humour or daring.
    • Solidarity and initiative, protection and daring: that is the French genius.
    • ‘A landmark in cinema, an awesome feat of imagination and daring,’ gushed Christopher Tookey in the Daily Mail.
    • But then again that may not be too surprising as daring is far from an alien concept for this club.
    • Faber was surprised by his daring: He had never done anything like that before.
    • In truth, Ron was just as surprised at his own daring as his teacher was.
    • You see people reach for it now and again, but Malick's daring is both outrageous and calming.
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    audacia feminine