Traducción de dark en español:


oscuro, adj.

Pronunciación /dɑrk/ /dɑːk/

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adjetivo darker, darkest

  • 1

    (room/night) oscuro
    it's getting dark está oscureciendo
    • the dark side of the moon el lado oculto de la luna
    • Oranjestad harbor is well lit if it gets dark before you get there.
    • I've always been like a cave-woman - awake when it's light and asleep as soon as it gets dark.
    • Do what you have to do early, when it gets dark go to bed then wake up early and complete your homework.
    • Install exterior lights that automatically come on when it gets dark and go off when it's light.
    • When it gets dark outside, it invariably gets dark inside too.
    • When it gets dark the canaries stop singing but at dawn they start again and wake up the guards.
    • Meanwhile I get things organized around the apartment in case we're without power when it gets dark.
    • Where I live, when it gets dark, it is rare for people to go outside unless they are going to buy something!
    • I have come to the creek, she said, to shine my flashlight on the animals in the water when it gets dark.
    • A man was dragged into a dark car park and robbed at knifepoint.
    • The room suddenly went dark as the King pulled heavy curtains across the light from the window.
    • The room was almost completely dark, and no sounds could be heard throughout the entire house.
    • Ethan then finally pulled into a dark alley way between a closed restaurant and crafts store.
    • It grew dark, and Burginde pulled open the tarpaulin flap to speak to the drover.
    • It was just getting dark when he pulled into the parking lot of the Honey Biscuit Hotel and Restaurant.
    • Deacon flipped on his bright headlights as he pulled onto a dark and vacant road.
    • The room was very dark and the only sound was the almost melodical, yet nasal beep of the heart monitor.
    • The room was dark because he pulled the shades on his windows down before he left in the morning.
    • It had been a beautiful, sunny day but even with the extra hour of evening daylight it was getting very dark as we pulled out of Boston onto the Louth road.
    • The edges are darkened and distressed as if they were rescued from a box of letters kept in a dark attic.
  • 2

    • 2.1(in color)

      (eyes/hair/clothes) oscuro
      (brown/blue) oscuro
      • Shades of dark green, blue and red designs and grand borders are popular designs on a saree.
      • They wear light blue shirts, dark pants and these black arm badges with IP written on them and the flag.
      • The clouds took on a fiery orange hue and the few open patches that led to the blue sky were a dark purple.
      • He was wearing a black peaked cap, dark leather jacket, light coloured trousers.
      • The man was wearing a navy jumper, light blue shirt, dark blue jacket, grey or black trousers and black shoes.
      • They power dress in stern, cut suits, usually in dark colours such as black, grey or navy.
      • His carpet was a dark shade of green that almost looked black, and his walls were off-white.
      • Her pelt was a dark tan with lighter streaks around the ribs and on the stomach.
      • He was wearing a dark coloured baseball cap, dark jacket and blue jeans.
      • Washing is done each day with a light coloured load alternating with a load of dark colours.
      • Members of the Royal Family and their households will wear dark colours and black ties.
      • The glass front of the store was painted black with slashes of dark colours running though it.
      • All shades of purple were displayed in dark hues, mauves, lilacs and magentas.
      • He was wearing a black jacket with white reflection marks, dark blue jeans and trainers.
      • The loss of light also meant that this house was associated with black or very dark colours.
      • Thin dark green carpets covered the area, contrasting faintly with the dark colour of the wood.
      • Nose, ears, and feet are covered with dark sepia hairs and the tail hairs are almost black.
      • The sky was now a dark purple rather than the black it had been when they first arrived in the graveyard.
      • She had done the base coat of black, and was overlapping it with sponged on dark purple.
      • Tea is no longer just about a cup of dark jasmine tea, served so sweet that it makes your teeth ache.
      • She had short dark hair and matching dark eyes and wore black pants with a red tank top under her apron.
      • The dark skinned woman pulled up her sleeve and revealed two scars running up her left wrist.
      • She pulled her dark wavy curls out of her face and anchored her thin frame against Zeeks's side.
      • The dark-haired beauty pulled off her sunglasses, twirling them in her right thumb and index finger.
      • She had long brown hair and dark eyes, and Jim really had to work to keep up with her on the slopes.
      • He is a tall Scotsman with dark curly hair, beautiful dark eyes and is almost too handsome.
      • He had blondish brown hair, dark eyes and was chubby, not fat, but chubby.
      • She was a real beauty with black hair and dark eyes.
      • He gave a quick and hesitant smile, and his wavy brown hair covered his dark eyes.
      • He was tattooed all over, and had an untidy mane of black hair and flashing dark eyes.
      • Another had an abundance of frizzy dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin, she was the shortest of them all.
      • She was clearly beautiful, with a slightly dusky skin tone, curly black hair and dark eyes.
      • Behind her stood a guy of about twenty-two with sandy brown hair and dark eyes.
      • To Ciara, she looked like an angel with brown skin, brown eyes and dark hair.
      • He had jet black hair and his dark brown eyes were hidden behind a pair of silver frames.
      • He was in his teens from what I saw; he had black hair, dark skin, and deep brown eyes.
      • He was a tall, with black hair and dark eyes; also an athlete, he was quite a tennis player.
      • His tall and gaunt framed, combined with his dark eyes and black hair, made him distrusted.
      • She was about an inch shorter than me, with long black hair, dark eyes, and a sardonic smirk.
      • Tall, dark brown hair, very dark eyes that put you on the spot and black clothes.

    • 2.2(in complexion)

      he's/she's very dark es muy moreno/morena
      • The people are dark skinned, their faces pinched, their bodies hunched as though perpetually cold.
      • If a daughter is too dark skinned she may not be able to find a good husband.
      • A dark-complexioned girl is engaged to be married to a dark man much older than her.
      • She was dark and exotic and not at all like the other girls in school, but destiny intervened.
      • I was a bit lost in my identity because Mum's got red hair and Dad's quite dark.
      • Then it is the turn of a tall dark girl with a Russian name, who glowers at me and says.
      • The dark girl was an enigma that Nicola knew nothing about, and therefore she intrigued her.
      • I was the only dark kid in the class and I couldn't play the same Anglo characters as everybody else could.
      • He was a tall, lean, dark man with an ebullient waxed moustache; around his head he wrapped a woolly muffler.
      • Have you got short dark hair?
      • A tall, dark man arrived breathlessly, and looked at me with bright eyes.
      • Why do we have dark people where there's a lot of sun, and light people where there's less sun?
      • Physically he was dark, bearded, grey eyed and just under medium height.
      • Almost instantly Rebecca and her stopped screaming and stared at the dark girl.
      • There was one man who, though he was dark, had the most incredible eyes of gold.
      • He closes his eyes then opens them to see the dark girl walking out the door.
      • They were dark, their skin a yellowish brown and their hair black.
      • He will be a very dark man, with jet black hair cut very short and he may have an arm band tattoo.
      • She was a dark girl with almost perfect features and huge, smouldering eyes.

  • 3

    • 3.1 literario (evil, sinister)

      (deeds/threats) oscuro
      there's a dark side to his nature/his activities hay algo (de) siniestro en él/sus actividades
      • The moor evolves from geological hazard into a metaphor for dark thoughts and evil deeds.
      • For some time now, taking hormone replacement therapy has been almost synonymous with embracing the dark forces of evil.
      • A movie which is about dark power and evil, it uses the most powerful of Indian myths to its advantage.
      • Is there something dark and sinister about this clown that we can never really understand?
      • Why is the access to the woods, which is full of dark evil, located behind the school?
      • Shadow magic was evil magic it was dark and could do things normal magic could not.
      • Now he was taking a more proactive stance in his fight against evil and the dark forces.
      • She too is evil, dark and wicked and she too will pay the price if she does die.
      • I find it difficult to believe that he could just switch allegiances as easily as that, there must be a dark sinister plot.
      • There were dark and sinister things in the Dalewoodian nights, things left to fable and myth.
      • The most basic statement of the tradition is that there is a double mystery, the dark mystery of evil and the bright mystery of goodness.
      • However, guides still relate stories of the palace's dark deeds with a certain grisly humour.
      • How do I address people who feel that the Harry Potter films are too dark and filled with evil and magic and need to be burned?
      • It is in fact the dark evil of laziness and ignorance disguised as an altruistic urge and that is why you rightly feel anxious!
      • Those who chose the latter started connecting the owl to dark forces, evil forces, and death.
      • The white light is a spell that will over come the dark forces of evil and destroy it.
      • There are those, however, who suggest dark forces have been at work.
      • Seduction Cinema serves this dark tale of supernatural seduction on a silver platter.
      • The deal was that Sishera would become a woman that served under the dark power.
      • The dog turned around to face the man and growled deep in his throat, a dark sinister sound.

    • 3.2(somber, gloomy)

      (thoughts/mood) sombrío
      in the dark days of the war en los días aciagos de la guerra
      • At the beginning of this campaign I said that this is a dark period for the union, but we would come through it and the union would be stronger.
      • Only a few months ago they prophesied the advent of a new dark age.
      • Clyde Prestowitz told Alison Caldwell that it was a dark day for the World Trade Organisation.
      • We've been through a lot together, through dark days and nights and seasons of hope and joy.
      • It was during the dark days of the BSE crisis that inspired the local man to adapt and diversify to save his future as a farmer.
      • The period has often been pictured as a dark era full of persecutions of the Christian peoples.
      • It is hoped this will now be the end of a dark period in South African rugby.
      • High school, where he was graded for the first time, was a dark period.
      • It was a dark period for Szymanowski, during which he was quite unable to believe in himself as a composer.
      • The dark period of India's history needs to addressed with grave concern and in its proper perspective.
      • Italy have suffered a dark period since losing the final of Euro 2000 but are emerging again into the light.
      • They would not have continued to resist through all the dark days of 1940 and 1941 when Britain stood alone.
      • We don't have another play lined up but we've had dark periods before where we've had a lull between productions.
      • The three decades of Nicholas's rule came to be regarded as a particularly dark period of Russian history.
      • Something about film noir seems to go hand in hand with this dark period of America's history.
      • It was a good thing for me to get out of town but it was all a very dark period for me that I then wrote about in Force Majeure.
      • With the departure of Lee Bowyer, Leeds are also attempting to draw a line under a dark period in their history.
      • It also draws a neat line under a dark period of his life, which saw him reeling from the deaths of his parents within six months of each other.
      • When I wrote it I was going through a very dark period of my life, a kind of hiatus if you like.
      • In college I went through a dark period, a time when I felt so alone I was sure I would break.
      • A folky lament on death and love, it never sounds as dark as its lyrics intend because of tremendous harmonies.
      • Your new book Dr Sweet… is a dark comedy - what is your favourite comedy film or tv series?
      • If you've never seen the film and have a taste for esoteric dark comedies, give this one a spin.
      • The forest itself is a dark terror of sound and half-seen images.
      • Saw a Kurosawa movie after a long time. A very dark retelling of an anyway dark Shakespeare drama.
      • Miller's dark body of work always exposed the American dream as a nightmare.
      • Drawing inspiration from pulp fiction, it presents a dark tale of love, sex, violence and loss.
      • Marie also expressed her emotions through dark and disturbing poetry and writings.
      • Both films also have fairly dark moments, yet still leave you feeling uplifted at the end, and even during some of the darkest parts.

    • 3.3(mysterious, obscure)

      (hint/allusion) oscuro
      in darkest ignorance en la más completa ignorancia
      • the Dark Continent el continente negro
      • in darkest Africa en lo más recóndito de Africa
      • The bright facades of present-day Willemstad conceal the dark secrets of offshore finance.
      • Mothers and pushchairs crowd the OK Laundrette, beside the dark mysteries of the Wizard Tattoo Shop.
      • All three protagonists try to piece the clues together in order to unveil the dark mysteries at work.
      • Directed by Norman Alexander, the show is a British farce of a dark murder mystery.
      • Various forms of paganism offer us ‘deep and dark knowledge’ - but it is all confusion.
      • So prayer comes from these mysterious, deep, dark places, and where does prayer go to?
      • A limerick novelist has just launched her second novel, a tale of a bored housewife with a dark secret.
      • But dolphins have a dark secret - their nasty habit of ganging up on porpoises and headbutting them to death.
      • She's going to share a dark secret that could help others who've gone through the same ordeal.
      • It's time to probe once again into the deep, dark recesses of the criminal mind.
      • But the pirates have a dark secret of their own, since they have been cursed after stealing a bewitched pile of treasure.
      • But her latest book, The Wish House is a return to her first love: the scare story, the tale of dark secrets.
      • The two become entangled in conversation, revealing deep, dark secrets about themselves.
      • But she was hiding a dreadful, dark secret - one that she felt she could not share, not even with her family.
      • And like Senay, the audience also learn in due course that Okwe has some dark secrets of his own.
      • He seldom smiles; he gave this interview because he wants to purge himself of his deep and dark secrets.
      • What dark secrets are going to be uncovered about El Presidente by 2030?
      • But his power and wealth hide a dark secret, which when revealed brings his world tumbling down around him.
      • I didn't know if he'd still want to see me if he knew my dark secret and I resolved not to tell him.
      • The play, which looks at first as if it might be just cute and entertaining, soon begins to hint at dark secrets.
      • It sounds more or less exactly as you would expect it to sound, i.e. dark, brooding, melodic and quite lovely.
      • I pushed the memory of my dad to the back of my head, as far as it would go into the dark depths of the past.
      • She would not look away from it, she would not look into the dark depths of the Prince's eyes.
      • She had dark hair with dark eyes, and a dark personality, hence her code name.

  • 4

    • English has two allophones for /l/, "light/clearl" and "darkl". I am conducting a study on the distribution of these two allophones.
    • Since L Vocalization is stigmatized, people "moving up" to RP often do not hear the difference between dark L and vocalized L (o), and so substitute light L instead of their vocalized L in words such as pill, milk people.
    • To pronounce the dark 'l' in girl or world, unroll the tongue and press the tip up against the alveolar ridge just behind the teeth.
    • In the recording out of the nine opportunities for Janet to use the dark /l/, each time she used clear /l/ just as Dublin speakers do.
    • The /l/ sound that appears at the ends of words (actually, in coda position of syllables) is referred to as ‘dark /l/’ and is transcribed as /l with a squiggle.


  • 1

    (absence of light)
    the dark la oscuridad
    • to sit in the dark estar sentado en la oscuridad / en lo oscuro
    • I'm afraid of the dark me da miedo la oscuridad
    • It was quite normal to go into someone's study and find two people sitting on a bed together in the dark.
    • He's had a nightlight for a few months now - we gave in to his growing unease of being in the dark.
    • Parents in Oldham are now being urged to be on their guard and not let their children out alone in the dark.
    • I went outside and found Ross sitting in the dark, the sound of crickets was all around.
    • It is hard to give the benefit of any doubt to someone who dressed in the dark.
    • I did not like having to park my car in the dark, with all the crime I hear about at the hospital.
    • There are signs on the opposite side to the disabled bays but I didn't see them in the dark.
    • We skied for too long, missed the train down and were forced to trudge to the top of a mountain in the dark.
    • They were both special forces pilots, an elite who knew how to fly low, fast and in the dark.
    • It is thought that Rowan ran through fencing in the dark and slithered into the ditch.
    • Maybe you drive with no lights in the dark in case you shine them on somebody coming the other way.
    • One night some kids came past in the dark and on bikes and nearly knocked me over.
    • That scene pops into my head every time I have to get into my car on a foggy winter morning in the dark.
    • She was surprised that the man didn't even stumble on the thick underbrush in the dark.
    • She was trying to find her way to the loo in the dark, and she just sort of crashed into it.
    • Alex ground her teeth and sat up, swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat there glaring at him in the dark.
    • Seeds were placed on moist filter paper in Petri dishes in the dark to germinate.
    • Plants at the flowering stage were placed in the dark for one night before each experiment.
    • She would often find Arthur sitting alone somewhere in the dark for that was what he often did now.
    • I sat, in the dark, for all I knew I was in a very lit room but all I could see was darkness.
  • 2

    to wait until dark esperar hasta que anochezca
    • This pyrotechnical extension to the Great Wall glowed eerily under dark of night as the fire climbed up and over dunes.
    • In morning dark, Bradson was woken by the mosque singer, as he had been each morning he had been in this Sasak village.
    • Working from dawn until dark can become the breeding ground toward poor health in both mind and body.
    • That eerie morning dark only exists on rainy mornings with the curtains drawn.