Translation of dark chocolate in Spanish:

dark chocolate

chocolate oscuro, n.


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    chocolate oscuro masculine
    chocolate sin leche masculine
    • Melt the dark chocolate, 100g of milk chocolate, the butter and syrup together and then stir in the digestives.
    • I can easily see myself serving this with a good rare steak, or even a rich dark chocolate dessert.
    • Chocolate desserts include a cone of white chocolate filled with a dark chocolate mousse.
    • We saw the chocolate being mixed in two vats - dark chocolate and milk chocolate.
    • For dessert Abi and I both had the dark chocolate soufflé with apricot sorbet.
    • These cookies were extremely dense and buttery to which the dark chocolate was the prefect foil.
    • The dark chocolate has the fruity bitter tang that tickles the fancy of those who favour a southern European style.
    • This put me in the mood for the dark chocolate mousse billed with orange sorbet, but served with mango.
    • Sarah's cake was dark chocolate with white chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream.
    • If you don't have chocolate chips at home just go to the dairy, a purchase a dark chocolate bar, and chop it up.
    • When tasting dark chocolate let the chocolate sit in your mouth for a few seconds.
    • As with all dark chocolate cakes, it tastes better the next day.
    • Layers of definite lemon scent were blended into dark chocolate.
    • For dessert there is a wide selection of cakes and tarts such as white and dark chocolate tortes, berry tarts and pecan pie.
    • Baked bananas with dark chocolate rounded off a classy BBQ experience.
    • I recommend a good quality dark chocolate, with less sugar and more cocoa.
    • In the meantime, I suggest dark chocolate as an alternative to the milky stuff as it contains less sugar.
    • For various reasons, the copper content of dark chocolate is significantly greater than milk chocolate.
    • Generally speaking, dark chocolate contains about twice as many flavonoids as milk chocolate.
    • Should it be the lemon panna cotta drizzled with ginger syrup or the ice-cream with crunchy dark chocolate and a hint of orange?