Translation of darken in Spanish:


oscurecer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɑrkən/ /ˈdɑːk(ə)n/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (make dark)
    (sky/room/color) oscurecer
    • And then, as the sky slowly darkens, dark silhouettes slowly start wandering along the city-centre sidewalks.
    • Jeanna opened her eyes to see the sky had darkened to a dark slate, and the wind whipped mercilessly at the houses and plants around her.
    • It was here the new Carlow confidence shone like the sun breaking through after rapidly darkening skies which almost called for floodlighting.
    • The man chuckled, slung an arm across the little girl's shoulder, and together, watched as the last streaks began to fade in the rapidly darkening sky.
    • I turn and see that the sun is now gone, and the sky is darkening rapidly.
    • An infusion of sage or rosemary is also used in hair care as it can add shine to dark hair and, when mixed with black tea, can darken dark hair.
    • In August 1999 the skies above Swindon were darkened during a total solar eclipse.
    • As the obscuration of the Sun increases the sky darkens, although it never gets as black as dead of night.
    • Melanie drew the curtains, darkening the room.
    • The sky was darkening, clouds turning deeper shades of purple, red, and blue.
    • As soon as they entered, the nurse crossed the room and closed the blinds, darkening the room to a gentle glow.
    • The sun had begun to set outside and my living room was darkening quickly.
    • Rebecca drew curtains over one of the windows, darkening the room considerably.
    • I lay in his arms afterwards, the room darkening slowly as the afternoon died away.
    • Heavy curtains hanging over the windows darkened the room.
    • Scott turned slightly while she was still in his arms and shut the door behind them then reaching for the light switch the room darkened around them.
    • If your bedroom cannot be darkened, use another room for sleeping.
    • The room darkened as the fire faded into glowing embers.
    • Casey clicked off the light and the room was completely darkened.
    • The room darkened again as a cloud passed in front of the moon.
  • 2

    (make somber)
    his last days were darkened by the loss of his wife la pérdida de su esposa ensombreció sus últimos días
    • Over 200 of these are given over to vituperation against Tesco, in which the reviewer admits, ‘even driving past Tesco darkens my mood’.
    • If anything more darkens the mood of our brooding Chancellor it is warnings such as these.
    • I'm back at work tomorrow night and just the thought of it is like a cloud descending over me, closing me in and darkening my mood.
    • In truth, it was another wobble with his three wood which had darkened Woosnam's mood.
    • Grey skies had seen the floodlights switched on before noon but nothing could darken the mood of optimism which swirled around the transformed Station View prior to kick off.
    • Paterson's attempt to brighten Heikkinen's outlook last term only seemed to darken the midfielder's mood further.
    • More invitingly, there are a good few gnashing epics where guitars and keyboard atmospherics collude to darken an already black mood.
    • The economic downturns in 1920 and 1921 darkened the public mood.
    • Em shook her head, her thoughts darkening her mood once again.
    • All this bad news is darkening the mood of company executives.
    • While the attacks darkened the mood of our country, I am heartened to know that the core values of Americans remain strong.
    • Rhian thought of saying something to cheer the girl up, but her exchange with Gina had momentarily darkened her mood.
    • A funeral was oppressive and chilly whether it was held in summer or winter, and it always served to darken my mood and make me miserable no matter what relation I was to the deceased.
    • I was enjoying the quiet of which I got so little, and being bothered by my mentor would only darken my mood.
    • I'm pretty sure the only way to darken the mood at a funeral is to have something more tragic happen during one.
    • In his point of view then sixteen was such serious age and nothing could darken his mood.
    • Nor are any of them particularly likeable, which allows a comic mood to prevail even when events darken - Laurence's death, for example, is more farcical than it is tragic.
    • The large nurse was standing in the doorway, one hand resting on her wide hips, and a snarl darkening her face.
    • Caidryn laughs bitterly, the angry bruise on her face darkening her features even further.
    • Serai curled her lips and darkened her brow to show she was angry.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (grow dark)
    (room/color) oscurecerse
    (sky) oscurecerse
    (sky) nublarse
  • 2

    (grow somber)