Translation of darkly in Spanish:


misteriosamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈdɑrkli/ /ˈdɑːkli/


  • 1

    (hint) misteriosamente
    • He should have hinted darkly at death threats and used many anonymous sources without ever producing any kind of proof.
    • Fiennes is woefully miscast as the darkly mysterious adventurer.
    • Their opera is the mysterious and darkly moving tale of what happened after the pied piper left Hamelin.
    • His Sweeney is arresting, ominous, darkly humorous, and scary in just the right proportions, and, in the end, thoroughly moving.
    • To Howard's mind those last words sounded darkly ominous.
    • McLeish hinted, darkly, about replacing the 30-year-old.
    • It has been hinted darkly that if Scots do not support the London Games, nationwide backing for Glasgow's 2014 Commonwealth Games bid could suffer.
    • Already, Labour MPs are making complaints about this and hinting darkly that they won't do interviews if they are asked questions about devolved matters.
    • Conservatives hint darkly of trouble ahead if the constitution goes into effect.
    • The Chancellor could also hint darkly at the possibility of a windfall tax on the oil companies.
    • He likes to hint darkly of terrors that would set all such petty concerns at naught.
    • Fine Gael sources hint darkly that all this publicity cannot be doing his firm any good, and point to transactions last week where the firm bought back its own shares.
    • Opponents of the SAT say we don't know what it measures and hint darkly that it smacks of discredited IQ testing.
    • His face was now cheery, no longer hinting darkly at his knowledge.
    • They could even be doing more than that, he hinted darkly.
    • He hints darkly at the impending murder of Banquo and Fleance but does not confide that he has already commissioned it.
    • He did so in language that hinted darkly at a revival of the Cold War.
    • ‘Well he better keep his distance, I didn't like the way he was looking at you,’ Chad threatened darkly.
    • Carolyn Jones was wonderful as his darkly mysterious and sexy wife Morticia, slinking around in her figure-hugging, full-length black dress.
    • Both bureaucrat and scientist recognise the problem, abhor it in public, mutter darkly about the stupidity of the selection processes which succumb to it, and continue as before.
  • 2

    (in dark color)
    trees outlined darkly against the sky las oscuras siluetas de los árboles perfiladas contra el cielo