Traducción de data type en Español:

data type

tipo de datos, n.


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    tipo de datos masculino
    • One alternative, the one chosen by the OpenPhone project, is to pass these signals as a separate data type within the real-time audio stream.
    • The first declaration is for the vector constants stored in cVals, sVals, iVals and fVals where the vector data type is declared and defined in the same statement.
    • Text is the dominant data type on today's Internet (especially in a low-bandwidth developing nation), so literacy is very important.
    • Equally notorious is the default prototype for undeclared functions, which assumes the data type of parameters and return value to be integer, unless specified otherwise.
    • C programmers know that the char data type is an 8-bit integer.
    • If you're fortunate enough to have missed Computer Science 101, a dictionary is the name of the abstract data type that maps keys to values.
    • DiscoveryLink provides customers with a federated approach to data management, enabling them to access, manage and analyze data wherever it resides - regardless of the database or data type.
    • Each data type has a host of associated read commands and data-processing commands.
    • If you want to define more complex types using XSD, they can be defined within the < types > section of the services description and then specified within the data type for the parameter.
    • The book builds on some basic blocks, such as a detailed description of the character set allowed for the data type DisplayString.
    • Virtual keysyms are represented by the SDLKey data type.
    • These buttons are presented to the user in tables where each row corresponds to one tunnel run and each column to a specific data type.
    • The central data type of spatial aggregation, the neighborhood graph, is an explicit representation of an object-adjacency relation.
    • That reply may be a simple plain text message, an HTML document (the most common form), an image (typically in GIF or JPEG format) or any other complex data type.
    • In addition, a completely new data type, such as pictures or sounds, could be added to the database without disturbing the schema simply by defining a new table.
    • The posting date column takes advantage of MySQL's TIMESTAMP data type.
    • Convergence is all about getting each data type to play across networks that weren't built for them.
    • To further ease navigation, JMAR organizes data queries by data type, such as inventory management, quality assurance, prime vendor, and equipment.
    • This section provides a similar discussion pattern for each database server, including data types, datawindow, stored procedures, embedded SQL and special considerations.
    • Hyperion became the first digital media archive product in the library market to offer users the ability to perform full-text searches in multiple languages across multiple data types.