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date stamp

fechador, n.

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    fechador masculino
    • It is a working post office open every day with its own date stamp.
    • From the rented house, police confiscated 47 passports from various countries, 25 rubber stamps for processing visas in different countries, 6 date stamps and 50 passport envelopes.
    • In addition, the ARP has supplied a host of library equipment, like guillotines, hand scanners, shelves, counters, date stamps and catalogue cards.
    • If a date stamp is not available, write in the date by hand.
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    fecha femenino
    • This arrived at Banglamung according to the date stamp on the envelope on the 2nd of July but was not delivered to me at South Pattaya till the 9th of July.
    • I'd like you all to take a moment and look at the date stamp at the top of this post.
    • Once a perishable food is frozen, the date stamp doesn't matter, because continuously frozen foods are generally safe indefinitely.
    • A little lower down appeared the postal date stamp with ‘Los Angeles, California, 7 October, 10 pm’ within the circle.
    • Since it has been delayed, voting will end at midnight, March 5th (I'll be counting them on the sixth, so the only timezone that matters to me is the date stamp on the comments).
    • I have a document with a date stamp 3 July 2003 headed ‘Applicant's Submissions to High Court on Stay’.
    • The starboard wing bears a 1948 date stamp probably a Mk. IV or early Mk. V component.
    • In addition, he seeks leave in respect of certain photographs he claims were taken by himself on 12 th June 1999 and which bear a date stamp to that effect.
    • Then despite what that date stamp says, this is the same view Sunday morning, July 10th, just before the storm made landfall.
    • Their photos will have that annoying date stamp that inevitably obscures the most interesting feature in the photo.
    • The photographs documenting Lee's effort to blend into these communities at first appear to be crude snapshots, replete with date stamp and flash-triggered red eye.
    • The second document is a document headed ‘Grant of Status Exceptional Leave to Remain’, which has a Home Office date stamp, again 14 August 2001.
    • The library's date stamp on their copy reads 23 OCT 86.
    • The Tribunal, your Honour, said in its letter that it received it on the 27th and the application has the Tribunal's date stamp of the 27th.
    • Many of the date stamps are actually ‘sell-by’ indicators, but to be on the safe side, treat them as if they are ‘consume-by’ indicators.
    • Some photos have date stamps suggesting they were taken in May 2003, which could make them the earliest evidence of possible abuse of prisoners.
    • My copy of The Well of Lost Plots was borrowed from the Wiltshire library system, and you can see from the date stamps in the front of it how often it has been read.
    • I borrowed this book from my local public library, and the date stamps show that it had been borrowed by two other readers before me.
    • Once those tins were filled and sold on, with their authentic-looking date stamps, who'd know that they came from his smuggler's den?
    • The next step is to add milk but milk is dangerous and the date stamps are often confusing.

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    (document/library book) fechar