Translation of daughter in Spanish:


hija, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɔdər/ /ˈdɑdər/ /ˈdɔːtə/

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  • 1

    (female child)
    hija feminine
    daughters of Eve hijas de Eva
    • a true daughter of France una digna hija de Francia
    • Daughters of the American Revolution
    • Another possibility is that the findings reveal a reciprocal relationship between daughters and their parents.
    • Therefore, it was the sons who took responsibility for the care of their elderly parents rather than daughters.
    • So fearful are parents that their daughters will be taken away that they refuse to simply drop them off; they or a relative will stay outside all day to make sure nothing happens.
    • Even men who marry commoners are struggling to afford lobola, which has increased with the expectations of parents whose daughters are marrying into the mushrooming black middle class.
    • Parents encourage daughters to sweat and grunt in physical competition, and even supermodels sport muscles obtained by logging hours at the gym.
    • Like JM Coetzee's Disgrace, the novel which pipped it to the prize, Fasting, Feasting has a storyline which revolves around parents and daughters.
    • Lalita has introduced her community to the merits of education; she works to prevent child marriage and encourages parents to send daughters to school.
    • There is a widely held assumption, especially among those who have daughters, that girls thrive in the absence of boys, but that boys do better with a female presence in the classroom.
    • The meeting followed years of campaigning by the parents after their daughters were diagnosed with severe blood disorders that required bone marrow transplants.
    • In the majority of our traditions, it is common to see parents encourage their young daughters to abandon school and get married at ages which are prohibited by law.
    • Parents discouraged their daughters from nurturing such ambitions, and employers considered young women to be temporary help at best.
    • Maybe all the parents who warned their daughters not to date poets were right…
    • Parents of teenage daughters worry most about anorexia, they say, and above all else, teenage boys' parents fear paranoid schizophrenia.
    • The Sankramana was an occasion for married daughters to visit their parents and for the young to visit elderly relatives to seek their blessings.
    • According to Banerjee, a large part of the reason for parents giving their daughters the go-ahead now is the lure of decent employment.
    • Parents with three daughters are about 10% more likely to get divorced than parents of three sons.
    • Given the times, most parents would like their daughters to have some skill or ability to be financially independent - if need be.
    • Friends, wives, lovers, parents, daughters of the unlucky ones must also grapple with the consequences.
    • Many parents keep their daughters home for fear of kidnapping.
    • I think a sense of proportion is required - stupid parents will tell their daughters that they must wear make-up when they go out.