Translation of dawdle in Spanish:


entretenerse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɔdl/ /ˈdɔːd(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to dawdle over sth
    don't dawdle on the way there no te entretengas en el camino
    • Don't dawdle - questions must reach us by next Wednesday.
    • The Greek international dawdled and as he did so his captain stepped out of midfield and waved his arms madly at him.
    • Not a lot of time for dawdling around in cafés and coffee bars today.
    • Denny took my hand and tugged me toward the Saturn as I dawdled a bit.
    • You may not be a hard pusher for one of your shortcomings may be that you dawdle a bit.
    • When the school run was necessitated, it was because I had dawdled over breakfast.
    • No one dawdles or idles there, yet they just manage to cope with the job.
    • I had dawdled a little bit at the beginning so I could keep back with the girls, but the rest of the run had felt a lot faster to me.
    • So slowly Ella dawdled outside where she found Maddie sitting on the bench of a picnic table staring at a group of boys who were playing a game of touch football in the school yard.
    • Those who dawdled with their doubts were diverting attention from important government work.
    • He dawdled on the ball at the corner flag and, when he should have been launching an attack, allowed Barry Nicholson to rob him.
    • When we are trying to go somewhere I sometimes feel that S. is dawdling and delaying.
    • They dawdled and were successful in wasting the whole period in taking a single picture each.
    • We were dawdling in the car park, when suddenly our bus came barelling round the corner.
    • It was getting colder, the night drew in too quickly for his liking, and it was already dark as he left school and the thoughts that played on his mind slowed his walk and so he dawdled.
    • One thing that made her furious was that she could never afford to dawdle or look uncertain when she was in public.
    • It shouldn't have taken us too long, but somehow we were slow, and we dawdled, and chatted, and I realised quite suddenly that we were going to be late.
    • He compared children's TV to a lazy caterpillar dawdling on a leaf.
    • Are you dawdling, putting off doing the things that would help you move closer to the end result?
    • When dawdling in Waterstones, the self-help aisle rarely calls my name.