Translation of dawn in Spanish:


amanecer, n.

Pronunciation /dɔn/ /dɑn/ /dɔːn/

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  • 1

    amanecer masculine
    (patrol/start) (before noun) de madrugada
    as dawn breaks al rayar o romper el alba literary
    • at dawn al amanecer
    • from dawn till dusk de sol a sol
    • She pushed the horse faster, but didn't sit up until the first light of dawn rose over the horizon.
    • All observations of mating behavior commenced at the beginning of this dawn period.
    • She wakes up in those dawns and rises with the sun.
    • But it is a grand life; have you ever seen the sun set at sea or rise in the dawn?
    • When dawn rose they hunted the plentiful game and feasted on many goats, gazing at the smoke of the Cyclops.
    • Rise free from care before the dawn, and seek adventures.
    • Because visual signals are difficult to perceive at dawn, it might be expected that females use vocal cues to signal their intentions.
    • She slept soundly that day, and into the night, and did not rise until the next dawn.
    • The dawn was rising, all pinks and yellows spilling out on the trees, setting what snow remained ablaze in a curtain of white.
    • And then the dawn's early light suddenly appears to Ginger, clearing all those confusing dark clouds away.
    • The rundown colonial port buildings house tailors, coppersmiths and fishermen, who rise with the dawn and retire with the sun, for there's little electricity here.
    • The others and I would waddle into the mines before sunrise, never seeing the first lights of dawn.
    • That same day I rose with the dawn and went to visit their graves.
    • Opening my eyes, she peers back at me, looking forlorn and nervous, as the pale light of dawn steals across the morning sky.
    • She woke up at the first light of the dawn and crept out to the study.
    • It was so beautiful, like the first light of a dawn in another world.
    • She rushed the hair out of her face with a shaky hand, glancing around nervously in the pale gray light of dawn.
    • I watched with dry, weary eyes as the pale light of dawn overwhelmed the amber glow of the Parisian night sky.
    • At dawn's first light they reached the wrought iron gates of the palace, strangely ajar.
    • When he reached the meeting place, the girl was sitting on the ground in the pale light of dawn, braiding her hair silently.
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    albores masculine literary
    aurora feminine literary
    since the dawn of civilization desde los albores de la civilización
    • the dawn of hope el despertar de la esperanza
    • Driving through a land which has been intensively farmed since the dawn of civilisation, we soon reached the Ghab, a rich agricultural valley which had once been marshland.
    • Humans require new dawns, fresh starts, ends of eras.
    • If we are correct, the Late Devonian wood problem was an almost inevitable result of evolutionary developments at the dawn of life.
    • Today heralds the dawn of a new beginning for them both.
    • Fight bravely and a new dawn will rise in this land.
    • Once upon a time, back at the dawn of the weblog phenomenon, link logs didn't happen.
    • It will take a lot of effort but it will be the beginning of a new dawn for the whole Middle East.
    • The beginning of the 21st century is also the dawn of the first global society of states.
    • That revolutionary dawn proved less than auspicious after many Frenchmen died under the blade of the guillotine.
    • Information has occupied an important role in all societies since the dawn of civilization.
    • It's a new dawn in Carolina, although that could mean a period of adjustment.
    • From the dawn of human civilization, super-powers have had to do all sorts of dirty things.
    • In the end, when the family travels away from their ancestral home, it signifies the birth of a new dawn, the beginning of an aspiration.
    • Historically, this period is the dawn of economic modernism and social modernity, especially in the hinterlands.
    • From a long-term point of view, therefore, the tumultuous changes in Italian religion at the end of the early modern period mark not the dawn of a new era but merely a caesura.
    • The industrial revolution arrived in Japan with the new dawn of the Meiji period.
    • The Arts and Crafts Festival will bring to its patrons the traditional Indian crafts with a heritage going back to the dawn of civilisation.
    • God is revealing a powerful message to us all that we must not give up in times of darkness, because the dawn of a new beginning is just around the corner.
    • Nickel has been used in alloys that date back to the dawn of civilization.
    • The world has been going through a tumultuous period since the dawn of the 1990s, with no sign of relief in sight.

intransitive verb

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    (day) amanecer
    (day) clarear
    (day) alborear literary
    as day was dawning al clarear / despuntar el día
    • the day dawned bright and sunny el día amaneció luminoso y soleado
    • the day will dawn when you regret this ya llegará el día en que te arrepientas
    • On a day such as this, one might have hoped that the day would dawn bright and early, bringing sunshine and crisp, cold, blue skies.
    • I kept the doors and windows closed even after day had dawned.
    • The next day dawned late, and we set out across an inland sea - the giant frozen lake Kuttijarvi - so large we couldn't see other side.
    • Guru Hargobind would rise long before the day dawned and after his bath in the holy tank, would go into meditation.
    • As the next day dawned, it was time to check in not just a hoard of goodies, but a baggage full of happiness, and unchecked emotion.
    • The chapel was over a hundred years old and the day dawned sunny and mild for them.
    • Wedding day dawned dull and gray, but by 3 pm was bright and sunny.
    • Boxing Day had dawned bright and clear, and for many tourists a gentle swim or some lazing on the beach beckoned.
    • The day dawned bright and sunny and the event was well attended by family, friends, local dignitaries and sponsors.
    • The second day dawned bright and hot, and would continue to get hotter, with a nice breeze at times.
    • The Harvest Festival day dawned bright and cheerful in the sky.
    • The day had dawned bright and hot by the time Caroline's mother left.
    • The day dawned brightly, the sun spreading over the blue grass and the seven forms hidden in it.
    • Sure enough, the next day dawned bright and sunny, and everything that had been shrouded in darkness was revealed in all its glory.
    • The day had dawned bright and cheery, and even now, a summer sun warmed up the blue sky.
    • The day of the wedding dawned bright and clear, almost like God was smiling His blessing on the union.
    • The next day dawned bright, but by evening clouds had settled in.
    • The next day dawned - if such a bright word could be used to describe its beginning - miserable and rainy.
    • The next day dawned bright, and Karya woke with the first kiss of sunbeams on her face.
    • The next day dawned bright and clear, and Anne woke to a steaming breakfast.
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    (new age/civilization) alborear literary
    (new age/civilization) nacer
    • To be sure the threat to the Pattern has existed for the past couple of years, but I never thought the day would dawn when the outgoing committee was left with no alternative but to call it a day.
    • A new age was dawning, and I was riding the crest of it.
    • A new age has dawned, and the Holy Spirit has been poured out in a new way.
    • Intellectuals, and even Christians, hail a new age as if it had really dawned universally.
    • The 1970s dawned and Alf was uncomfortable with the new age of the footballing superstar.
    • A new age was dawning, claims LaFeber, not just an expansion of the old multinational system.
    • Well a new age has dawned, and with it, brings a new of age rogues.
    • Only in 2000 has a new day dawned for the Osaka branch, as the Kansai economy emerges from stagnation.
    • Clarinbridge have been there or thereabouts now for the past number of years and their day must surely dawn soon.
    • As the day of reckoning dawned, it was the grown-ups who were struggling with their emotions as the 50,000 students headed off.
    • As the twenty-first century dawned, issues of immigration policy would clearly remain on the national agenda.
    • Well, let's hope that a new day is dawning in this country.
    • From the darkness that is Enron, I see a new day dawning in energy in America.
    • These works all suggested that a new era of international relations was dawning.
    • Soon, Iridia knew war was unavoidable, and that a new Age had dawned.
    • They say that a new age is dawning upon the city, and that I am the engineer behind it all.
    • This melancholy, down trodden land reeked of sadness and the gore that occurred and dawned because of it.
    • However, you get a real sense that the best days are now dawning for the Institute and - as a result - for the region that it is such a key part of.
    • Nothing less would have seemed appropriate for the new age that had apparently just dawned.
    • Those farmers left and abandoned their turf banks so that prosperity and a new age would dawn for the province.
    • Realization seemed to dawn on Kaya's face after that sentence.
    • It didn't dawn on us what the reader was really asking.
    • Much of this has yet to dawn on Labour's backbenches and few would understand it even if spelled out for them.
    • It took about three seconds for understanding to dawn on him.
    • It will dawn on her that she will have to fix the photocopier herself.
    • The housemother looked blank for a moment, but then the wisdom of Mma Potokwani's suggestion dawned upon her and she smiled broadly.
    • I notice the realization starting to dawn on the other two.
    • When did it dawn on you that this was a problem that needed to be tackled?
    • Then it dawns on her he is suggesting that they should go and inspect a studio apartment he has found.
    • It would eventually dawn on the excited passengers that they weren't on the road to Banna - they would soon find themselves in the bog.
    • A sort of sadness seemed to dawn on her face, but then she smiled again.
    • This is not to say that he appreciated this when the incident occurred, but it dawned on him soon after.
    • Slowly understanding began to dawn on his face and his expression softened into something like pity.
    • Travelling through London yesterday was peculiar; it didn't dawn on me that I would have to use the tube until my train from Brighton was approaching Victoria.
    • Alucius was silent, watching the realization of what must have happened dawn on the boy.
    • Realization on what had happened seemed to dawn on him as he saw Ariel and the rest standing around him.
    • Tan stared blankly for a moment, realization slowly dawning upon his weary mind.
    • It suddenly dawned on Juktis that over the centuries of her existence, the religion of her people may have been lost in the passage of time.
    • It was beginning to dawn on her mind that Billy was most probably part of this scheme of Jay's to meet him tonight.
    • After the histrionics were well and truly over, the realisation dawned that something truly shocking had occurred.