Translation of dawn raid in Spanish:

dawn raid


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    ataque militar de madrugada
    • He was eventually arrested on November 15 when police mounted a dawn raid on a house different from the one he was using in September.
    • The man from Gloucester was today still being questioned - as is a 33-year-old man held after a dawn raid by anti-terrorism police in Birmingham.
    • One of the suspects was arrested in a dawn raid on Alexandra township, as police followed up on leads.
    • The police clearly took the reports of a similar find in Australia seriously, and last Friday Sydney police launched a dawn raid on a modest two-storey house in the suburbs.
    • A suspected drug dealer was arrested during a dawn raid on his house, the latest in a series of weekly busts by Merton police.
    • The defence case was that she struck the officer during an epileptic fit brought on by the strain of a dawn raid by several officers.
    • The dawn raid at Valley Park was part of an undercover operation to flush out drug dealers across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.
    • Explosives sniffer dog Buster unearthed a huge hidden cache of arms from an enemy camp in a dawn raid on five suspect properties.
    • Two other men were arrested in dawn raids yesterday by police in Dorset and Leicestershire.
    • Fourteen people were arrested at addresses across the town in yesterday's dawn raid.
    • In the East Midlands city, police officers conducted dawn raids on several houses that had been under surveillance.
    • The 11 other men, aged between 23 and 40, were arrested at eight addresses following dawn raids by Leicestershire Police and the Anti-Terrrorism Branch.
    • A total of five people were arrested in a series of dawn raids yesterday and police predicted many more would be arrested over the following days and weeks.
    • Using this information, UK commandos launched a dawn raid on September 11 and freed seven hostages.
    • The crisis ended with a dawn raid by Thai commandos.
    • On August 14, 2000 nine hundred British, French, Italian and Pakistani KFOR troops launched a dawn raid from helicopters.
    • The authority launched a series of dawn raids on the offices of the SDBBA and some of the companies named by Doyle.
    • Violent criminals terrorising the streets of Leeds felt the full weight of the law yesterday when 70 uniformed and specialist officers launched dawn raids as part of Operation Target.
    • Last month more than 20 people were arrested after police and Trading Standards officers launched a series of dawn raids in the UK in an orchestrated crackdown on software pirates.
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    compra repentina de las acciones de una compañía por una empresa tiburón
    • The Business Software Alliance and Trading Standards launched a dawn raid on a software pirate last week and came up trumps.
    • An attempted dawn raid on BAA shares left the Spaniards short of the 14-15% they tried to buy.
    • A week ago, SMG made a dawn raid on SRH's shares, in a signal that it was ready to launch a takeover at the first opportunity.
    • During a dawn raid, a firm or investor aims to buy a substantial holding in the takeover-target company's equity by instructing brokers to buy the shares as soon as the stock markets open.
    • Even though only 15% of a firm's stock can be captured in a dawn raid, this percentage is often enough for a controlling interest.
    • The company, which owns the Sunday Herald, spent #70 million on acquiring a 14.9% stake in the ownership of Radio Clyde and Radio Forth in a dawn raid on the Stock Exchange on Friday morning.