Traducción de day patient en español:

day patient

paciente ambulatorio, n.


  • 1

    paciente ambulatorio masculino
    paciente ambulatoria femenino
    paciente externo masculino
    paciente externa femenino
    • She'd have to go in to hospital as a day patient a couple of days a week every other week.
    • He became a day patient at York's Bootham Park Hospital - he found it too claustrophobic to live there.
    • We have been trying to get a residential bed for her since last November but she has had to be a day patient instead.
    • My husband went in as a day patient for a cataract operation and was treated fantastically.
    • St Catherine's has 18 beds and also has up to 20 places for day patients who can come to socialise and take part in the art therapy.