Translation of day surgery in Spanish:

day surgery

cirugía ambulatoria, n.


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    cirugía ambulatoria feminine
    cirugía de alta precoz feminine
    • It is also hoped the hospital will be able to offer more day surgery rather than admitting patients for overnight stays when they have operations.
    • Many interventions can be delivered through day surgery rather than lengthy hospital stays.
    • The findings of this study are not generalizable to all patients undergoing same day surgery because only a limited number of surgical procedures and a small patient sample were used.
    • The next few years may see the insertion of a hip prosthesis or the repair of an aortic aneurysm performed as day surgery.
    • Patients requesting or requiring surgical treatment were placed on a list for elective day surgery, and they were treated in the standard way by experienced operators.
    • Existing single speciality hospitals could then be used for elective day surgery and outpatient work
    • In many cases patients will need only to attend day surgery rather than be detained overnight in hospital.
    • Local anaesthesia, either by widespread infiltration or aimed to block particular nerves, is now widely used for day surgery, and also to provide postoperative pain relief.
    • Mr Hackett said of the proposed bed cuts: ‘More services will be provided closer to where patients live and we will be making more use of day surgery, which patients prefer.’
    • Studies that examine the effect of follow-up telephone calls after day surgery report increased patient satisfaction.
    • There will be more day surgery and more same-day test and diagnosis.
    • Successful day surgery is dependent on adequate community nursing.
    • It may be performed as day surgery (you will be allowed to go home the same day), but usually you will need to stay in hospital overnight.
    • The plan may mean patients receiving day surgery will have to travel outside the city for their operation.
    • Thanks to advances in anaesthetics, day surgery may be the best option for many operations previously requiring a stay in hospital.
    • It will mean that Elmbridge residents booked in for planned orthopaedic surgery or day surgery will soon have to travel to Ashford.
    • Rates of day surgery more than doubled over the same period.
    • Dr Jones was also concerned hospitals could use the money from fines to undertake more day surgery, which could then lead to more people blocking beds.
    • These would have no accident and emergency services and would largely provide day surgery and convalescent care.
    • Now, because of day surgery, we have only 328 beds, because patients don't have to stay here for so long.