Translation of daylight in Spanish:


madrugada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdeɪˌlaɪt/ /ˈdeɪlʌɪt/

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  • 1

    madrugada feminine
    amanecer masculine
    before daylight antes de que amanezca
    • The next morning at first daylight we prepared the cars, we packed our bags, we got ready to leave the hotel.
    • It wasn't until daylight this morning, I found that a window in my front door had been badly cracked.
    • I definitely wanted the animal out of my driveway before daylight and the Monday morning carpool.
    • It was daylight before Dusty had returned.
    • Before daylight Peter had returned to the scene of his crime and picked up where he had left off teaching.
    • As it was, the darkness of night was beginning to give way to the gloaming before daylight.
    • They worked from daylight to dusk to get it all ready.
    • The daylight creeping up on night just outside my window would be the last of anything I saw out that window.
    • Just after midway between midnight and daylight, Aver left the house.
    • The man and the woman work on it from daylight to dusk.
    • Night passed and daylight began to creep over the horizon; the chirping of wild birds woke me.
    • But as daylight broke, Mr Grogan was returned victorious.
    • I returned to the same spot at daylight and resumed where I left off.
  • 2

    (attack/raid) (before noun) diurno
    it is still daylight todavía es de día
  • 3

    (light of day)
    luz (del día) feminine
    we must bring this matter into the daylight debemos sacar este asunto a la luz
    • to see daylight ver claro