Translation of daywear in Spanish:


ropa de calle, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdeɪˌwɛr/ /ˈdeɪwɛə/


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    ropa de calle feminine
    • Blouses are great for daywear, whether to go to work/school or out for a nice lunch.
    • The best of the lot were reserved for the runway fashion show that featured gowns and daywear.
    • I'd have to say classic, maybe a little baggy, tending toward the urban casual in my daywear.
    • From daywear to eveningwear, Jarick covered all the bases, though being a bit scattered as far as theme or continuity are concerned.
    • The collection will have different sections to every need of the modern woman - sportswear, daywear, romantic and evening wear.
    • An array of items erases traditional distinctions between evening dress and daywear.
    • Short daywear dresses of a similar style are sometimes called babydoll dresses.
    • Her evening pieces weren't as fully formed as her daywear pieces, but she gets extra points for getting most of it right.
    • New mothers: remember, however tired you are, pyjamas aren't really considered daywear.
    • Not wanting to sleep, and not able to, she changed into daywear and slipped into her cloak.
    • For daywear, I have used gabardine and crepe and for evening, there are vibrant silks and chiffon.
    • They had to design, cut and sew three outfits: one outfit for daywear; one for evening and one for a child aged approximately 18 months.
    • There he changed from nighttime's woolen garb to sturdy leather daywear.
    • Almost entirely white, with minimal decoration, the linen and silk daywear were instant classics.
    • What might be appropriate autumnal daywear for a 27-year-old, size 8-10, who doesn't wear heels if she can help it?
    • Pop a jacket over it and you could wear it to a wedding; add a knit and flat sandals, and it's good for daywear.
    • Kik Bak, by contrast, is a daywear line featuring retro styling.