Traducción de dazzling en español:


deslumbrante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdæz(ə)lɪŋ/ /ˈdazlɪŋ/

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  • 1

    (light/glare/sunshine) deslumbrante
    (light/glare/sunshine) resplandeciente
    (light/glare/sunshine) que encandila
    • Everyone was momentarily blind by the dazzling white light that emanated from the doorway.
    • It was large, very large, he guessed it must have come from a swan's wing, and it was the purest, most dazzling white, so bright that it hardly looked real.
    • At first, I was blinded by dazzling white and blinked, looking away.
    • Both Rampart and Azure swung at the same time, and a dazzling flash of light temporarily blinded Azure.
    • There was a shower of brilliant sparks and a dazzling burst of white light that stretched out in silence.
    • Sometimes they were there as the crash of surf as I waked lazily along the dazzling white beaches of my home.
    • Her mother wore a dazzling white dress that sparkled in the light.
    • Almost 1,000 people flocked to see the dazzling white lights being switched on signalling the official start to the festive season in Corsham.
    • It had bright dazzling lights and well-dressed window displays that were always stocked full of fascinating and unusual merchandise.
    • The view was filled with dazzling white and pastel coloured buildings in bright sunlight under a clear blue sky.
    • An abiding memory of Andalucia is of bright potted geraniums brimming over dazzling white walls under a deep blue sky.
    • Now… the sun struck down upon the white tower - a dazzling, radiant spire was born out of that bleak, austere structure.
    • When I finally got them opened, I was hit with a dazzling white light.
    • The sun sparkled on its surface, rendering its dazzling exterior too bright for his eyes.
    • Suddenly the darkness was stolen from him, and a dazzling white light replaced it.
    • A number of buildings sit perched on a cliff where the morning sun lights a dazzling white-sand beach.
    • Exerting a massive effort, she finally wrenched them open, then immediately shut them again to escape from the bright sun's dazzling rays.
    • Their steel weapons shone brightly in the dazzling sunlight.
    • Dillyn was almost blinded by the dazzling whiteness of the spotless floors and walls.
    • With dazzling, spring sunshine streaming into the dining area the venue looked very elegant.
  • 2

    (wealth/wit/good looks) deslumbrante
    (wealth/wit/good looks) deslumbrador
    • And of course the desire is to make a dazzling first impression.
    • But their vivacious personality comes across even in photographs and makes their overall impression one of dazzling beauty.
    • The German Green Party of the '80s was a hothouse for beautiful ideas and a dazzling new politics.
    • But it was still apparent that I wasn't making quite the dazzling impression I had hoped.
    • While the upturn in fortunes is notable, what has been more impressive is the dazzling way they have managed it.
    • They walked in, the King in his great furs and mighty sword, and the Queen with her dazzling silk gowns and beautiful jewels covering her neck.
    • Bryce tucked his pistol into his back pocket as the window rolled down and revealed a very beautiful brunette woman with dazzling emerald eyes.
    • The four-part piece took up the gallery's largest room and made a dazzling first impression.
    • There is now a dazzling array of beautiful summer cheeses available, their flavour having benefited from the rich milk of spring and its new grasses.
    • As one enters though, it is not the beautiful lamps or the dazzling pictures on the wall that captures the eye.
    • The main reason for people to visit is to be impressed by the dazzling show of luxurious or rare vehicles.
    • An astonishing five billion TV viewers tuned in to see the dazzling display set on a vast artificial lake in Athens' Olympic Stadium.
    • Again and again Ghast swung his sword, a dazzling display of skill that would have left lesser men breathless with envy.
    • Then, in a dazzling display of hypocrisy, the senator spoke out.
    • From the 1930s onward, he is one of jazz's most dazzling soloists.
    • Understand the quickest path to a victory isn't always the most dazzling.
    • Because this recipe was so dazzling, I'm going to reprint it here.
    • The work requires a pianist with super human technique and dazzling virtuosity.
    • Throughout, his assured touch and dazzling virtuosity are matched by the orchestra's sensitive accompaniment.
    • Their confidence shone throughout the competition enabling the teams to display some dazzling performances against tough competitors.