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DDT, n.

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    DDT masculine
    • A major chemical industry sprang up after the discovery of the potent insecticidal properties of DDT.
    • The book had a powerful influence, and governments throughout the world banned DDT and other pesticides.
    • DDT was applied widely as an insecticide in North America until it was banned in 1972.
    • Many ecologists blamed the usual suspects for the bird losses: DDT, defoliants, avian malaria, suburban blight.
    • The bald eagle population on the islands was eliminated by DDT poisoning in the early 1960s.
    • The arrival of the insecticide DDT, which was effective against malaria-carrying mosquitoes and typhus-bearing lice, seemed to be a miracle.
    • After the war, DDT came into use for commercial and public health purposes.
    • Farmers used DDT to protect cash crops like cotton, corn, and apples from a wide variety of agricultural pests.
    • In a long-term joint effort, city and state biologists are identifying, monitoring and studying the falcons, which nearly faced extinction in the 1960s from the pesticide DDT.
    • The insecticide DDT has long been a prime target of anti-chemical and anti-pesticide campaigners.
    • After the Second World War, Europe and North America used DDT to eradicate malaria.
    • Since DDT was reintroduced in South Africa in April 2000, the number of mosquitoes is down.