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dead heat

empate, n.

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    empate masculino
    • In the event of a dead heat, a draw will take place between the dead heat finalists after the race.
    • There was an eight race programme, and the final race ended in a dead heat.
    • Coming out of the Democratic Convention, the race was a dead heat.
    • The reporters, pundits and pollsters all agree: The presidential race is a dead heat.
    • The first race at Pioneer Park on Saturday resulted in a dead heat, showing springtime racing at its best.
    • The race ended in a dead heat so the scullers had to re-row and Lyon lost by half a length.
    • It was the closest finish to the race since the last dead heat as long ago as 1876.
    • He could do no better than a dead heat for fourth in the Derby, 9 ½ lengths behind Barbaro.
    • The battle at second base between incumbent Jose Vidro and newcomer Mickey Morandini is a dead heat so far.
    • I don't know how long they looked at the tape before they declared it a dead heat, but it could not have been as long as it seemed.
    • The idea is to give every horse in the race an equal chance of winning - a ‘perfect’ handicap would see a dead heat between all the horses in a race.
    • Sumthinbad, a filly owned by Bone, also finished in a dead heat for second in the eighth race.
    • But after a 12-minute wait, the race was judged to be a dead heat.
    • In the governor's race, it's a dead heat between Ehrlich and Townsend so far.
    • The most recent poll, by the Pew Research Center, suggests that the race for the White House is once again a dead heat.
    • Schumacher said immediately after the race that he was trying to engineer a dead heat between the two Ferraris.
    • Warren Focke and Rob Wurgaft finished in a near dead heat with Warren just barely edging Rob for the bronze medal.
    • More excitement followed in the same competition as Waterford ‘A’ and Clonmel rowed a dead heat.
    • In the event of a dead heat, I'll choose the person who sent in their entry earliest.
    • I feel like a meanie singling out one film as the most outstanding for me this year, so I'll do the fairest thing possible and say it's a dead heat.