Translation of deadline in Spanish:


fecha tope, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛdˌlaɪn/ /ˈdɛdlʌɪn/


  • 1

    fecha tope feminine
    fecha límite feminine
    plazo de entrega masculine
    to work to a deadline trabajar con miras a un plazo determinado
    • to set/extend a deadline fijar/prorrogar el plazo de entrega
    • to meet a deadline entregar un trabajo dentro del plazo previsto
    • they always miss the deadlines nunca entregan el trabajo a tiempo
    • In other words, he had his own creative life to lead while we were working flat out to meet our deadlines, night after night.
    • The deadline for submissions for the next issue is the end of September.
    • As for those sick that want to attend, the deadline for submission of names is the end of January.
    • If the deadline is passed and no claim is made the money will instead go to the Good Causes fund.
    • Taylor said he would try other methods of raising the cash if the final deadline was not met.
    • You must have the ability to meet tight deadlines.
    • I am actually perilously close to missing the deadline for submission of this article.
    • The society has extended the deadline for entries, which must reach the Regional Education District by July 8.
    • The University of Transkei extended its registration deadline yesterday to accommodate financially needy students.
    • By the end of August, the self-imposed deadline for the completion of the Convention's work was close.
    • They were preparing to work through the holidays to make up for a missed deadline for completion of the work.
    • The final deadline for entries is January 6, 2006.
    • The scattering of the bargaining unit across a whole state and a looming strike deadline only augment the confusion.
    • Council officials received about 39,000 applications by yesterday's 5pm deadline.
    • Many residents only found out about this planning application six days before the original deadline of January 12.
    • The airline submitted its financial statements on June 6, six days later than its extended deadline of May 30.
    • The Council's deadline for receipt of tenders passed last Friday, April 8.
    • The deadline for the receipt of the questionnaire is Friday April 20, 2001.
    • More than 150 people filed papers and paid their fees before yesterday's deadline.
    • Which brings us to today's imposed deadline for Anderson handing in the results of his investigation.