Translation of deadpan in Spanish:


de póquer, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛdˌpæn/ /ˈdɛdpan/


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    (face/expression) de póquer
    (face/expression) de de palo informal
    (voice/delivery) deliberadamente inexpresivo
    • deadpan humor
    • Even as her voice drips sarcasm, her deadpan expression doesn't change.
    • Looking out over a million square miles or so of Indian Ocean, I kept my expression deadpan.
    • But the face expresses the same deadpan ferocity as the film.
    • His expression was deadpan, but I detected the anger.
    • Despite his deadpan expression, I could tell that he was pleased.
    • The deadpan expression he wears in almost every scene might seem like heroic stoicism, but it's also the face of deep denial.
    • Whitford especially is a comic gift to any director, capable of the sort of arrogance, deadpan humor and blank-faced terror that Bill Murray has perfected.
    • He's slightly detached, everything delivered in deadpan Liverpudlian tones, like he's doing some spoof of Ringo Starr.
    • You'll never see a movie with more deadpan, underemphasized humor in it than this one.
    • Truss's voice is deadpan, her asides are witty, and she is never condescending about misuse of the language.
    • The latter work is done drily, with humor of the most deadpan variety; one never believes that this apprentice truly was in danger.
    • Much of the humor comes from the deadpan bowling instructions voiceover that accompanies the dancers' goofy antics.
    • The movie's deadpan tone is perfectly suited to the humour in the material and also keeps Bukowski's own sentimental streak in check.
    • The actors move as though struck with severe stage fright: wooden, deadpan and without any remote glimmer of expression.
    • His features were deadpan but his voice was bursting with emotion.
    • Rolling her eyes, Mira remained deadpan, her face as expressionless as an empty platter.
    • He's never been the most expressive of actors but here is deadpan to the point of catatonia at times.
    • In fact, Sheen had most of the best lines, although I could be prejudiced by the fact that he has one of the best deadpan deliveries in the business.
    • Stoic bafflement - a deadpan stare into the camera - is Geist's usual game.
    • There was a good deal of narrative alternating with enactment, all presented in an understated, even deadpan, style.


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    de manera inexpresiva