Translation of dealership in Spanish:


concesión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdilərˌʃɪp/ /ˈdiːləʃɪp/


  • 1

    concesión feminine
    representación feminine
    • Right now he owns 18 dealerships in the Washington DC area.
    • He also owned several other dealerships, selling the Dodge, Chevrolet, and Pontiac brands.
    • Before you call or visit a local dealership, make sure that you've done a few hours of research first.
    • Trading standards officers visited seven dealerships and found that beneath the cars' highly-polished paintwork lurked multiple breaches of safety regulations.
    • In 1984, the largest dealership network included 550 retail outlets.
    • They're defending their decision to close hundreds of dealerships across the country.
    • According to some media reports, the owner of the dealership was connected to the criminal underworld.
    • But the owner of the auto dealership called police and reported the car stolen.
    • He managed to get his dealership to thrive despite breaking ground in a new area with no prior client base or sales performance.
    • When the dealership was sold in 1983, the new owners kept him on, making him general manager.