Traducción de death cell en Español:

death cell

celda de la muerte, n.


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    celda de la muerte femenino
    celda de los condenados a muerte femenino
    • Everyone is familiar with Cruikshank's great illustration of the prisoner in his death cell, ‘the night before he was stretched’.
    • The Bentley family's doomed struggle for a reprieve is powerfully reconstructed, as are Bentley's last days in his death cell.
    • In the Atkins trial, Scalia noted, the jury had been given testimony on the murderer's mental capacity but had regarded it as insufficient in detaining the defendant from the death cell.
    • He then spoke to the officials and after what appeared to some to be strong words the seven were picked out and returned to prison, but not to death cells.
    • Graffiti written by despairing men still adorns the walls of the two ‘death cells’.