Translation of death knell in Spanish:

death knell

toque de difuntos, n.


  • 1

    toque de difuntos masculine
    doble masculine
    television was the death knell of the local movie house el advenimiento de la televisión presagió la desaparición de los cines de barrio
    • They have been joined by Scottish oyster farmers who fear the warning could sound the death knell for their industry, which is estimated to be worth £1.5m a year.
    • For a health care system already on life support due to extreme budget cuts, the extraction of $500,000,000 dollars would be the death knell.
    • It is hard to know for sure when - or whether - the death knell for a species has tolled.
    • This could be the death knell for the candidate's campaign.
    • If enacted, the proposed legislation would mark the death knell of the Public Records Act in California.
    • Surely, the now record-breaking floods in York ought to be the death knell for any future commercial developments in, or around, Coppergate.
    • I am not prepared to ring the death knell of the orchestra even at this time, but things don't look good.
    • But Margaret believes the death knell started to toll for brownie packs when the cubs and scouts began accepting girls into their formerly all-boy domain.
    • With those words of encouragement ringing in my ears like a death knell, I packed up my troubles in my old Adidas bag and smiled, smiled, smiled.
    • Fees, he argues, do not sound the death knell for the gap year (although there was a dip in numbers last year), but in fact make it an even more important institution.
    • But some feel the closures are a death knell for local communities and will force pensioners to get their pensions from bank accounts, removing a vital social contact each week.
    • I could well see it being the death knell for some of the smaller clubs without the opportunity to raise money.
    • Hotter, much drier summers will sound the death knell for lush green lawns in much of the south of England.
    • And they warn that it could be the death knell for hundreds of traditional boozers which do not sell food, and whose regulars enjoy a smoke with their pint.
    • Could this latest trend sound the death knell for the once standard, grown-up housing option of the two-bedroom?
    • Sweeping changes to the way benefits and state pensions are paid will sound the death knell for post offices already struggling to survive, fear sub-postmasters.
    • A publican in a rural area in Mayo has charged that plans by the Government to further deregulate the licensed trade will sound the death knell for the rural pub.
    • And unless it can be revitalised with an influx of young blood, within 20 years the death knell could toll for a very important Scottish industry.
    • Critics say allowing massive casinos in Britain could produce a generation of gambling addicts and mark the death knell for independent amusement arcade owners on the sea front.
    • An appearance on this register would toll the death knell for an architect's career.