Traducción de death penalty en español:

death penalty


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    the death penalty la pena de muerte
    • We would need to amend regulations to replace the death penalty with other penalties.
    • Now the five are on trial for terrorism and subversion, charges that carry the death penalty.
    • Unlawful attempts to unseat him amount to treason and carry the death penalty.
    • The status of the victim is all important and the death penalty is a very selective way of punishing people.
    • So too, people state that it is less costly to implement the death penalty than to pay for life in prison.
    • In a country where the death penalty is still the ultimate sanction in some states, it is the end of the legal chain.
    • Should we should also consider reinstating the death penalty for the most serious offences?
    • While many also think the death penalty has a deterrent effect this is not the only motivation.
    • Those who resorted to theft faced the death penalty if they were caught.
    • Several of the children say they want the death penalty back, no doubt echoing what they have heard adults say.
    • The public wanted to retain the death penalty; parliament decreed its abolition.
    • For me the best argument I've heard for the death penalty is simply that a dead murderer never kills again.
    • So it's hard to support the death penalty as it is, in fact, being enforced.
    • The charge wouldn't be murder, the state wouldn't request the death penalty if he survived.
    • If convicted, however, he would have faced the death penalty since the homicide was intended.
    • I know I have a sense of vengeance, but how does that imply that I ought to support the death penalty?
    • There is a world of difference between cold-blooded murder and the justice of the death penalty.
    • The public should have a say in whether the death penalty should be brought back.
    • In countries which apply the death penalty, even the right to life is not absolute.
    • He had said his clients should be spared the death penalty because they are mentally ill.