Traducción de death toll en español:

death toll

número de víctimas (mortales), n.


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    número de víctimas (mortales) masculino
    número de muertos masculino
    • The two separate crashes bring the death toll on the county's roads this year to 85.
    • This figure will likely rise much higher as the death toll in Louisiana is counted.
    • Cross-border firing and separatist militancy have left a death toll running into tens of thousands.
    • If it happens, the death toll could be many times that of the recent SARS epidemic.
    • It was not immediately clear if the bombers were included in the death toll.
    • Despite considerable investment and continued efforts to improve safety, the death toll is rising.
    • Forty-two people from various nations were wounded but the death toll could rise.
    • The death toll of people trapped by incoming tides on the night of February 5 now stands at 20.
    • Thankfully, this time there was a smaller death toll, but in every other respect it was the grimmest of warnings.
    • The death toll for U.S. forces so far this month is the lowest in more than a year.
    • Meanwhile the death toll amongst British holidaymakers has now reached the 200 mark.
    • It will campaign to raise awareness of liver disease and try to reduce the annual death toll of 7,500.
    • The death toll is certain to soar as the floods are pumped out and rescue workers enter houses that were filled with water.
    • But the scale of the death toll is something many of us have never seen before.
    • Authorities have yet to release an official death toll, and an authoritative figure may be weeks away.
    • The death toll from obesity is expected to top that from smoking in the next 10 to 15 years.
    • It is time every road user woke up to this appalling situation, and did all in their power to reduce the death toll.
    • The death toll this month from the floods rose to 75 with nine more deaths reported.
    • Police believe action must be taken now to stop the death toll rising further.
    • As we speak, the total death toll is still unclear, but it amounts to several thousands.