Translation of deathbed in Spanish:


lecho de muerte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛθbɛd/


  • 1

    lecho de muerte masculine
    (confession/marriage) (before noun) in extremis
    (confession/marriage) (before noun) in artículo mortis
    to be on one's deathbed estar en su lecho de muerte
    • ‘Maybe if I don't make a deathbed confession I'll never die’ he may have thought.
    • Years later, a deathbed confession confirmed what many suspected.
    • They say they were led to the location after a woman's deathbed confession.
    • Scully shook her head as her tears flowed freely at this deathbed confession.
    • In sharp contrast to the medieval attitude towards death and its representation in daily life, the deathbed scene has all but been removed.
    • And deathbed rituals and religious consolations softened even the sting of death.
    • ‘There are a couple of points that have to be cleared up,’ he begins his deathbed ramble.
    • The commissioning of such an atlas would have required incredible wealth, and Mr Douthwaite believes it may have been a deathbed bequest from the queen to Raleigh.
    • Luna appeared in Nootka Sound just days after Maquinna's father expressed a deathbed wish for his spirit to return to inhabit a killer whale.
    • Nothing more could add to his notoriety except a deathbed conversion, and the Scottish bishop and historian Gilbert Burnet was to provide it.
    • Or is it, as whispered by the city's elite, a deathbed conversion?
    • But Alison, whose mother had made a deathbed promise to his wife to take care of him, became his great friend.
    • His deathbed conversion and reception into the Roman Catholic Church is indisputable.
    • Worse, Reubens smears Vaseline on the lens and goes for the deathbed reconciliation scene.
    • His deathbed wish was to be buried out of doors where the rain would fall on him.
    • Edward, naturally, takes advantage of all the deathbed attention to once again relate the story of his wildly exaggerated life.
    • His deathbed visitor violates the terms of Nolan's sentence and at last shares with Nolan the events of the previous fifty years.
    • It was ‘hate at first sight’, but my Uncle Rob had made a deathbed promise to my father to take care of me after he died.
    • Bogart seems to have rescinded his deathbed remorse about switching from scotch to Martinis.
    • She pushed herself back a bit from her deathbed position, her feet and elbows slipping as she realized what she was on - a bed.