Traducción de debar en español:


Pronunciación /diˈbɑr/ /dɪˈbɑː/

verbo transitivo debarring, debarred, debarred

  • 1

    to debar sb from sth
    • They say that's a financial interest that debars us from having an exemption.
    • Many Americans believe Article 2 of the constitution, debarring foreign-born citizens from standing as president, to be outdated.
    • When an allegation is made, the member is debarred, or effectively suspended, as they are not allowed to take part in any GAA activity.
    • All of his children by this wife were debarred from the Crown, as indeed was Henry VII's mother Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond.
    • If my late father had wanted to go rock climbing or bet his pension on the stock market, I see no reason why a bus pass should have debarred him from doing so.
    • The EC should debar him from contesting elections for violating the model code of conduct.
    • The bill seeks to debar candidates charged with ‘heinous ‘crimes from fighting elections.
    • The government should debar criminals and corrupt politicians from entering Parliament and state Assemblies, which are the sacred platforms of Indian democracy.
    • Many will argue that his disrespectful behaviour towards police officers should automatically debar him from the judicial system.
    • The court can then debar the convicted person from entering politics.
    • Why should going to Eton and Oxford be seen to debar a person from being elected as a Prime Minister?
    • I was debarred up to June 1999 from speaking out under the Official Secrets Act.
    • Since, as a woman, she was debarred from attending the university, he instructed her by letter.
    • Any conviction that does not involve dishonesty is fine; it does not debar a person from being an officer of a charitable entity.
    • Such behaviour in youth did not debar young men from entering the professions.
    • If a majority of Euro-MPs were to decide that a party was not abiding by their definition of human rights and democratic values, it would be debarred.
    • It was also stipulated that the Corporation should be debarred from selling the estate or any part of it, and that it should be used for enjoyment and recreation by everyone.
    • The decision means that the teenagers of Greenock have been debarred from seeing a film that reflects their own lives.
    • The young hero has been debarred from taking the exams.
    • Students involved in such activities should be served a notice of misconduct before being debarred from institutions.