Translation of debark in Spanish:


Pronunciation /diˈbɑrk/ /diːˈbɑːk/

transitive and intransitive verb

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    • When we debarked from our cruise ship for a day of fun, we were surrounded by vendors of local wares along with transportation and tour services.
    • You'll have a wide selection of pre or post-cruise land tour options, depending on where you embark or debark.
    • Your ticket entitles you to debark as many times as you like and reboard at no extra charge.
    • Bill filmed the tugboat landing at the edge of the dock and the people debarking.
    • As Caiidide was reviewing the troops, the old woman arrived to warn him that a Spanish ship had entered the harbor; officials had debarked to arrest the murderer of the Grand Inquisitor.
    • While the majority of cruise ships coming to this area call on Cozumel (where 1.8 million passengers debarked in 2001), several ships call weekly at Playa del Carmen.
    • We did receive a report from a citizen who reports seeing two men matching their description debarking from a medium-sized yacht at a dock on Waikiki beach, Hawaii.
    • Customs is in place to check goods and manifests, but there is not yet any provision for immigration, so no one is allowed to debark and enter Iraq from shipboard.
    • This means passengers can custom-design their cruises by deciding when and where they want to embark and debark (more than 200 ports are approved by the line for this program).
    • They will be debarking following the final tests.
    • Several times on the bus, the driver has said to the passengers ‘make room because the wheelchair is debarking.’
    • After debarking in Turkey, they traveled to Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, and some further dispersed into Czechoslovakia and France.
    • Just ask the burghers of a certain age who are debarking from their vast, shiny cars at the door to the new O'Rourke's Steakhouse on Montrose Boulevard.
    • His advisor signed off and within twenty-four hours, he was debarking in Orlando and renting a car to take him to the Home.
    • The guerrillas had stirred my gravest anxiety, but little did I know about the hundred additional worrisome things until I debarked down here.
    • I was a prisoner because I debarked at Mili Atoll.
    • When she debarked from the train she was met by one of their stable hands who then picked up her luggage and led her to the carriage.
    • On one April day in 1847, more than 1000 debarked.
    • And they're no help at all to us exit freaks, who like to know just the right place to stand when boarding a train, so that you debark opposite the way out.
    • We have taken more than 10 cruises, and this was the most efficient embarking and debarking that we have ever experienced.