Translation of debate in Spanish:


debate, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈbeɪt/ /dɪˈbeɪt/

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  • 1

    (public, parliamentary)
    debate masculine
    the nuclear debate la cuestión de la energía nuclear
    • Watt committed himself to holding more public debates and discussions separate from council meetings.
    • In those circumstances the House does not need to hold an urgent debate on the matter today.
    • Not one public meeting or debate has been organised by the council.
    • We can constantly intervene in discussions and debates and ask why questions are framed in the way they are.
    • Both bids had previously been turned down by members of the District Council following debates at planning meetings.
    • The second question is, why were all the meetings and debates on the budget closed to the public?
    • In the key parliamentary debate on Tuesday he voted in support of the war.
    • Many of the big meetings allowed little time for discussion, so most debates took place informally or at smaller meetings and seminars.
    • Local party and trade union delegates also voted for debates on the issues of public services, pensions, employment rights and manufacturing.
    • More than any other events on the campaign trail this year, the debates have drawn intense public interest.
    • Pendle councillors held a debate on phone masts and called for more power to decide where they went.
    • She is always on the move, always between important committee meetings and debates in the Lords and media interviews and court appearances.
    • Switzerland, with its generally slower pace and its thorough political debates before votes are held, may be the exception.
    • In the first couple of activists' meetings there were debates about selling Socialist Worker and holding Marxist forums.
    • The records on televised presidential debates are unequivocal.
    • A debate in parliament was interrupted for an announcement of Germany's victory.
    • In yesterday's debate, Mr Wicks acknowledged the " complexity " of the problems facing former mining areas.
    • I am looking forward to the National Party's contribution to tonight's debate.
    • They also called for a debate on the subject to be held in the European Parliament.
    • The Deputy First Minister has tabled two amendments for the final debate on Wednesday.
    • The debate on this subject will go on as long as the human race exists, so all I can do is raise a few points on the subject.
    • This aspect of the debate has been the subject of much political and academic disagreement.
    • I wouldn't normally involve myself in debates or arguments about who should be American president.
    • Love him or hate him, he is the subject of heated debates among fans.
    • The subject that dominates the debate about the new car is of course the styling.
    • And while we're on the subject of national debates, the perennial one about the future of the BBC rumbles on.
    • Certain parts of the country are beginning to explore the uses of the site and get involved in serious debates.
    • It is a subject that warrants wider debate and much more prompt action.
    • In France, the nature, meaning and acceptability of his work remain the subject of debate.
    • While the cause of the erratic weather is a subject of debate, a couple of its effects are clear.
    • Adverts on television and in newspapers were designed to begin the public debate about the assembly.
    • Now the great debate on smoking in public spaces is coming to Manchester.
    • Whether civil servants should wear a uniform is still a matter of public debate.
    • One of the most vigorous philosophical debates of the century broke out among cosmologists during the 1930s and 1940s.
    • Motherhood - taken for granted for centuries - is now the subject of heated debates.
    • The book, published in 1999, sparked considerable public debate.
    • An ongoing debate is raging in Germany about the pros and cons of daycare for children.
    • The research will also reignite the debate over the use of cannabis for other medicinal purposes.
    • Some of the by-laws generated heated public debate when they were published in their draft form.
    • A vigorous debate is raging over the economic growth estimates.
    • News filtered through as MPs debated the bill that will pay for the Olympic Games.
  • 2

    debate masculine
    discusión feminine
    the topic under debate was immigration el tema del debate / que se debatió fue la inmigración

transitive verb

  • 1

    (question/topic/motion) debatir
    (question/topic/motion) discutir
    • I can see she is debating whether or not to tell me the truth.
    • Sandra paused for a moment and debated in her mind as to whether she should go or not.
    • Christine looked at Jacquin, she was debating in her mind if she should talk to him or not.
    • Her mind was still debating which way to go when her body went ahead and chose for her.
    • Still debating whether to call B. It would be such a step back if I do.
    • He waits by the phone, debating whether to make a trip to India to search for his son.
    • The sisters themselves were equally nervous, debating whether or not to go for just a half container.
    • I stared at the plate for a while debating whether to try it.
    • Dennis put his bag down on the ground and stared at it, at if he was debating whether to open it.
    • Terry, a big man in a rather loud suit, is openly debating whether to sign up now.
    • After all, once you are debating whether a work is art or not, you have already proven it is.
    • The person who bumped into her froze and was obviously debating whether or not to make a run for it.
    • After standing near the door debating whether or not to enter I decide just to go in.
    • She took a sip of her iced tea, silently debating about whether to tell him or not.
    • I told him it was too late when I saw he was debating whether or not to tell me more.
    • After school, Kendra was debating with herself whether or not to go to practice.
    • She sat cross-legged with a confused look on her face, debating whether to ask or keep quiet until a better time.
    • I was debating whether or not to approach her and ask her if anything was wrong.
    • Audrey debated the issue for a minute, then bent down and gave Todd a peck on the cheek.
    • Brittany bit her lip for a moment as she debated which to choose.
    • The issue of the bridge came up again, for the second month in a row, and again the topic was hotly debated.
    • But when it came to the price of salt, the commissioners spent many hours debating the subject.
    • Further rioting followed and the subject was debated in the Reichstag.
    • The Law Society of Scotland is set to debate the issue of child offenders and child rights at a conference in May.
    • Reports on highly specialist issues are debated, but with little detail.
    • There are working groups and study groups still debating the issues.
    • Five protesters managed to evade security to enter the chamber as MPs debated the controversial issue.
    • Last Tuesday the issue was debated by the Scottish parliament's European committee.
    • The item had not been included on the agenda, which meant the committee could not debate the issue.
    • He hoped MPs would be able to debate the issue and persuade the government to change its stance.
    • Last night the House of Lords debated a proposal to extend research on human embryos.
    • Reproductive cloning will be debated at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on November 5.
    • In essence, that is why we are here today debating this bill.
    • Congress is now debating agricultural policy for the new millennium.
    • I would have thought the fact that Parliament is debating this legislation shows parliamentary power.
    • For decades, experts have debated the relative merits of nonprofit vs. for-profit hospitals.
    • The Bill, brought under the ten-minute rule, is due to be debated by MPs on Tuesday.
    • The trust's financial recovery plan was also debated at the meeting.
    • The role of physiotherapy in prevention and management of pulmonary disease has been debated for decades.
    • He may let parliament debate the matter, if it suits him.
  • 2

    (weigh up, consider)
    (idea/possibility) darle vueltas a
    (idea/possibility) considerar
    I debated in my mind whether to accept or not estuve deliberando si aceptar o no
    • they're still debating who to send todavía están tratando de decidir a quién van a enviar