Traducción de debauchery en español:


disipación, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈbɔtʃəri/ /dɪˈbɔːtʃ(ə)ri/

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  • 1

    disipación femenino
    libertinaje masculino
    to lead a life of debauchery llevar una vida disipada / disoluta
    • A long weekend at the seaside means drinking, drugging & general debauchery, yes?
    • For many young men, this would be a licence to indulge in debauchery, but Richie was a sensitive soul.
    • Stag and hen nights have become weekends and even whole weeks of debauchery and indulgence.
    • We live in a tolerant society where sex drugs and general debauchery are accepted.
    • I was into more than my fair share of debauchery and mindless consumption of drugs and alcohol.
    • On the surface, it is a celebration of promiscuity and debauchery.
    • Not that my life has been a wild bacchanalian phantasmagoria of debauchery and dissipation, but I've had my moments.
    • Over the last few weeks I've been slowly getting my life back on the straight and narrow after a year or so of hedonistic debauchery.
    • The decadence and debauchery of Paris was beckoning to him and he could hardly resist such open temptation.
    • In the countryside, these auctions always took place at inns and they sometimes turned into occasions for debauchery and excess.
    • Many of the British clearly enjoyed a traditional expatriate life of abandoned debauchery.
    • There are no redeeming characters in this morality tale of corruption, adultery, and debauchery.
    • I am against drinking to excess, but generally take a softer stand on debauchery.
    • There might be tales of drunken debauchery, late night carousing and wild sexual abandon, but only from other people.
    • Two teams emerged from a haze of weekend debauchery every Sunday to battle it out on the greens of McCarren Park.
    • I'm still uncertain whether it was sadness that the week was over or joy that my life of debauchery could resume.
    • The atmosphere was more family carnival than drunken debauchery.
    • If I had half a brain left after my debauchery, I'd give up the other women, and the W-I-F-E.
    • I'll finally be able to live that life of debauchery that I always dreamed of.
    • Wouldn't want to get myself so stressed out that I couldn't enjoy a weekend full of sex and debauchery.