Traducción de debit card en español:

debit card

tarjeta de cobro automático, n.


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    tarjeta de cobro automático femenino
    • Some people track every penny they spend, whether by cash, cheque, credit or debit card, Direct Debit or standing order.
    • I use my bank debit card for most purchases, but I have a Visa card that I sometimes use on holidays or for emergencies.
    • Again, a card-holder may also obtain cash (this time directly from his bank account) with a debit card.
    • And avoid taking on new debt by using a debit card instead of credit cards for purchases.
    • Use your debit card for purchases or get cashback from a retailer
    • If you have a debit card for your flex account, you should still hold on to your receipts.
    • Instead I used ‘real money’ from our current account by paying with a debit card.
    • Use your debit card instead and when your account has no more money, stop spending!
    • The simple message is: don't withdraw cash on your credit card - stick to your debit card, instead!
    • Who knows, perhaps one day someone will offer a current account that pays a good rate of interest and cashback on your debit card purchases.
    • Stick to withdrawing cash on your debit card, and use 0% cards to avoid paying interest on other debts.
    • When you make a purchase with a debit card, the payment for the purchase is taken directly from your bank account.
    • In most of Europe it is now much simpler - and often cheaper - to use your debit card to draw money from the nearest cash dispenser as you need it.
    • She lives within a strict budget, and the only plastic in her wallet is a debit card.
    • Those who used a debit card should call their bank and those who paid with a cheque should contact their bank to see if they are able to cancel it.
    • Customers who paid by cash, cheque or debit card and have not received their PCs are unlikely to receive any compensation.
    • If you use a debit card, hold on to your receipts in case your provider challenges an expense.
    • Laser is encouraging people to use their debit card for their Christmas shopping.
    • Use your debit card where you can and make the most of cashback offers at the supermarket and elsewhere.
    • These days, thanks to a tight family budget, most of my spending is made on my debit card.