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deshuesar, v.

Pronunciación /diˈboʊn/ /diːˈbəʊn/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (meat) deshuesar
    (fish) quitarle las espinas a
    • Customers can take bones when they buy deboned meat if it is for human consumption.
    • So the health certificate required by the 1991 version of the 1964 Directive was amended, the amendment being different depending on whether the meat was fresh bone-in bovine meat or deboned bovine meat.
    • The EC allows irradiation for mechanically deboned chicken meat.
    • One solution is to debone the fish by using professional techniques and equipment but this procedure requires 10 to 20 minutes for each fish.
    • The meat had been deboned, defatted, and served in a pool of black-truffle sauce.
    • The fish, which was deboned, was glistening, fresh, soft and succulent.
    • He watched admiringly as waiters deboned his very fine grilled sole into two neat fillets.
    • We decided to go with the 12-pounder and the man cut its head off, cut its tail off, shaved off the scales, butterflied it and deboned it.
    • "How can it be this good?" I thought as I dismantled a partially deboned hunk of quail and scarfed up its sublime, crackly crust.
    • Ditto the very good Cornish hen, which is similarly transformed by being deboned, cooked in a densely flavored turmeric emulsion, and dusted with a coating of crisped shallots.
    • The fish itself arrives descaled and deboned from the supplier.
    • It was expertly grilled, neatly deboned, and served with a boat of whipped mustard hollandaise thick enough to eat with a fork.
    • The red snapper we had chosen came to the table deboned and butterflied, where it was served onto our plates with a garnish of endive, radicchio, lemon wedges and capers.
    • Remove chicken from water; remove skin, debone and cut up chicken into medium-sized pieces.
    • For $250 a week - more money than she had ever made - she stood on an assembly line, cutting and deboning chickens as they came by on a conveyor belt.
    • The abattoir at the Bagenalstown meat processing plant will remain open and the cattle will be slaughtered there and deboned in Clonmel.
    • Volunteers donated their time to debone, cut and can pork as well as many other duties.
    • Add the deboned meat and continue to cook, stirring, until drumsticks and meat are golden brown, four to five minutes.
    • The winter-inspired menu will consist of a warming vegetarian soup starter followed by a choice of hearty and wholesome Main Courses such as Chef Templeton's famous deboned ox tail or the delicious Springbok Pinotage Pie.
    • Uruguay vaccinated its cattle with relatively small numbers slaughtered and was able to export deboned beef to the European Union on November 1, 2001.