Traducción de debrief en español:


Pronunciación /diˈbrif/ /diːˈbriːf/

verbo transitivo

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    he was debriefed by his captain rindió informe / dio parte de su misión al capitán
    • his captain debriefed him rindió informe / dio parte de su misión al capitán
    • Once we returned to base camp, we handed any contraband or detainees over to the S2 and debriefed our soldiers, especially those on the assault force.
    • I proceeded to the tactical operations center and debriefed Lancer 6 as my men refueled and rearmed.
    • Every soldier in the patrol knew his mission and post-patrol debriefings began to yield better intelligence because soldiers knew ahead of time what indicators to look for.
    • Soldiers want to maintain their equipment and get some chow and rest after a mission, but the mission is not over until participants are debriefed.
    • I debriefed him on the mission over Clark Field.
    • Each SF battalion runs its debriefings in a different manner.
    • After I exited the aircraft, I stayed on the roof, debriefing the troubleshooters.
    • Once there, trainers evaluated every second of the missions during post-flight debriefings.
    • The CIA never debriefed him on anything of strategic importance and tried to kill the interest others might have by discrediting him behind his back.
    • The single most important procedure in this methodology is an effective debriefing.
    • He went to the US in October 1992 and spent most of the next year being debriefed by the CIA.
    • Some of the information came from Embassy personnel debriefings and reports.
    • They should at least write a certification that if somebody comes out of a war zone they need to be debriefed.
    • In this case, I know for a fact the shooting happened; I debriefed the officer who did most of the ballistic damage, and his supervisor.
    • He is safe in Germany this afternoon after being debriefed by his superior officers.
    • He has been debriefed by police and taken to a safe house amid fears Hall's underworld associates may target him.
    • The team was debriefed by the company commander and the operations officer as soon as it returned.
    • Since then it has been a nun's missionary home, various forms of home for elderly people, and a place where airmen were debriefed during the second world war.
    • He was in Germany in 1945 as part of a special team dedicated to debriefing Nazi scientists and shipping them back to the US.