Translation of debris in Spanish:


escombros, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈbri/ /ˌdeɪˈbri/ /ˈdɛbriː/ /ˈdeɪbriː/


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    escombros masculine
    (of plane, ship) restos masculine
    (rubbish) desechos masculine
    after the party they left me to clear up the debris me tocó limpiar a mí los despojos de la fiesta humorous
    • As the ice moves it can erode or excavate large quantities of the rock and unconsolidated debris on which it rests.
    • Turbulent tides have churned up the sea bed, disturbing rocks and natural debris such as drift wood.
    • Why then was there so little accumulation of sedimentary rock and debris on the ocean floor?
    • These clumps of rock are known as meteors and asteroids, and the name given to icy loose formations of debris is a comet.
    • The Kuiper belt is an icy disk of debris orbiting the sun, beyond Neptune, and is the original home of many comets.
    • Carbonaceous plant debris is concentrated in finely laminated silts and mudstones at the tops of some beds.
    • In any case, they've had a clean-up of natural debris and the sand is white and clean.
    • They contain some quartzite and quartz clasts and only a little debris derived from local Jurassic rocks.
    • Remove sticks, rocks, and other debris, and rake the tops of the beds smooth and flat.
    • During the day, they will be found buried in the loose soil and debris or under soil clods.
    • You will normally spot them scavenging at the edge of the reef for bits of loose weed and other debris.
    • Rather, they are produced by bits of dusty debris shed by orbiting comets and asteroids.
    • They put in a plastic casing to hold the well and surrounded it with gravel to keep out rocks and other debris.
    • First, dirt is screened to remove pebbles, rocks and organic debris, such as roots.
    • The inner edge also tends to be masked by eroded seacliff debris.
    • The current estimate is that there are over a million bits of debris orbiting the Earth.
    • After having to unstrap to walk over a rocky outcrop we arrived at the top of the next slope, which was fairly steep, and littered with rock debris.
    • The location is in a heavily forested area obscured by vegetation and ground debris.
    • The scarce fossil record consists of bivalve and gastropod debris.
    • The samples were dispersed in twice the amount of distilled water necessary to cover the organic debris in the pots.
    • The plane came down about 100 yards from a row of terrace houses, showering some gardens with debris.
    • Fire services and Gardai also attended the scene of the crash and debris was scattered over both sides of the road.
    • Some of the bodies remained under debris as rescue workers cleared rubble.
    • The regular helicopter pad was not usable, scattered with debris from the plane and the explosion.
    • The future of many, badly scarred by falling debris and fires, remains uncertain.
    • Both men died instantly in the crash, which left debris scattered over a wide area.
    • Its roof has been torn off by the massive blast that scattered debris and timbers across the courtyard.
    • Many roads were littered with debris including fallen traffic lights and overturned cars blocked several routes.
    • Blackened and twisted debris was scattered far and wide over across the gentle slope, like driftwood on a beach.
    • The father-of-two came home to find that a rocket had come through the plastic roof spreading debris around the garden.
    • The Corsa smashed one of the gateposts of the Pulleyns' home and their garden was filled with debris from the car today.
    • He sent his crew into the woods, but while the area was showered with debris there was little sign of the plane itself.
    • They were showered in debris as the house collapsed and Amanda was separated from her party.
    • Flames shot out of the side of the building and debris rained down.
    • The victims were indoors and were hit by debris from shattered windows.
    • It shattered windows in nearby buildings and sent debris flying for half a mile.
    • The boards were so rotten that they gave away immediately, showering him with debris.
    • It hit a carriage showering the passengers with debris from the roof but it did not fall into the carriage.
    • The car was reduced to a mangled wreck, and debris and broken glass were scattered across the road.
    • The scene of the tragedy remained a mound of twisted metal and debris yesterday as the emergency services worked through the rubble.
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    detritos masculine