Traducción de debt relief en Español:

debt relief

alivio de la carga de la deuda, n.


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    alivio de la carga de la deuda masculino
    • He made two long telephone calls to Bono, the rock star who has campaigned for debt relief.
    • Bipartisan support for the full funding of debt relief grew.
    • Taylor said the United States would continue to push for 100 percent debt relief for the poorest countries.
    • Cardinal Renato Martino heaped praise on British Prime Minister Blair for his role in promoting African debt relief.
    • Unlike the banks, bilateral donors have more freedom to offer debt relief to their borrowers.
    • Following the crisis, Russia's administration requested IMF funds primarily for debt relief.
    • A government could temporarily change policies in order to be granted debt relief or aid, reverting afterward to bad policies.
    • Despite bipartisan support, funding debt relief was still an uphill battle.
    • Labor considers debt relief to be a very important component in efforts to alleviate global poverty.
    • The international debt relief initiative is an example of effective aid.
    • Debt relief was accorded to Chad in May 2001.
    • This is the first time any G8 leader anywhere at any time has called for full debt relief.
    • Tanzania, for example is one of six countries to complete the current debt relief program.
    • Japan has decided that cancelling debts from oil-rich Iraq will count towards its debt-relief programme to poor countries.
    • The second pillar of this strategy should be to provide more targeted debt relief for the world's poor nations.
    • Another condition for receiving debt relief has been to curb public spending.
    • Debt relief, too, is imbued with moral hazard: the worse a government behaves, the more it is rewarded.
    • The World Bank and IMF require countries to implement such programs as a condition for new loans as well as debt relief.
    • Kenya, for example, is not an HIPC country but has a stronger case for debt relief than Mozambique.
    • Countries like Somalia and Liberia are heavily indebted but will not qualify for debt relief from the World Bank anytime soon.