Traducción de debtor en español:


deudor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛdər/ /ˈdɛtə/

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    deudor masculino
    deudora femenino
    • Often a student loan is the first time a debtor has borrowed money from a financial institution.
    • In either case, the owners must pay back the debtors before getting any money back.
    • We are the world's biggest debtors, borrowing money from Japan and Europe.
    • The new act will make it more difficult for debtors to qualify for bankruptcy relief.
    • Over the same time period, the US also moved from being a debtor to a creditor nation as its exports surged.
    • Most of the debtor businesses are now bankrupt or in liquidation.
    • The average time for big companies to get their money out of debtors is about two months.
    • The company has also experienced problems in monitoring its debtors.
    • Chasing debtors via the legal system wastes court time, is costly and impedes faster repayment.
    • All of which means that we are a nation of debtors, people who, in large numbers, live beyond our means.
    • Morality and economics go hand in hand, sometimes in the past a debtor was seen as a wicked person now they are a good consumer
    • The lender trusts the debtor will be able to pay the principal and interest on time.
    • The banks will not wipe out their bad debts by foreclosing on their corporate debtors and sending them to the wall.
    • The trustee must act as a neutral third party as between the debtors and creditors.
    • Defaults are always painful, for debtors and creditors alike. And so they should be.
    • Sarah is now repaying £401 a month to her debtors and is determined to get back on an even keel.
    • The scheme allows some debtors to clear debts within a specific period, without repaying the full amount.
    • Someone had to wade into this mess and force the debtors to cough something up.
    • Twenty years ago we were the biggest creditor in the world, and now we are the biggest debtor.
    • Canceling the debt gives poor or debtor countries a fresh start and provides crucial relief to people in great need.