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década, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛkeɪd/ /dɪˈkeɪd/

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    década femenino
    • This volume of published material represents work carried out over a period spanning nearly three decades.
    • The last serving member from the Battle of Long Tan is retiring from service this month after nearly four decades of military service.
    • The council decided on a plan of action at its first extraordinary meeting and emergency debate for nearly a decade last month.
    • The best model for New York is London, which has contracted out all of its bus services to the private sector every three years for nearly two decades.
    • Returning to Edinburgh last year after nearly two decades living and working in London, I went through the usual phase of seeing my country in new light, as an outsider.
    • The honour will also be conferred on John Shannon, who retired earlier this year after nearly four decades as chairman of York Civic Trust.
    • Just a few of the signs: Impatient investors now hold onto stocks for only one year, on average, down from nearly two years a decade ago.
    • It is not just that he has turned 50; it has more to do with the fact that he has been retired from test cricket for eight years, nearly a decade.
    • The birth rate increased for the third consecutive year following nearly a decade of decline.
    • He spent the next three decades pursuing a wide range of activities, both professionally and as hobbies.
    • The software industry is just a few decades old while construction is as old as civilization itself.
    • His remarkable acting career spanned six decades and scores of movies.
    • Young Adam was written almost a decade earlier.
    • Untangling this problem could take decades of research.
    • The early decades of the conflict were characterised by a certain dignity and honour.
    • Amid the overturned cabinets, he saw decades ' worth of patient records scattered about.
    • Activists feared attacks would only harm a population already devastated by two decades of war and famine.
    • After more than a decade at the helm it looks as if his endeavours may at last pay off.
    • Life expectancy edged downward in the decades prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union.
    • Awarded the CBE in 1994, Rosenthal was one of Britain's most prolific screenwriters in a career spanning more than three decades.